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Small Business, Big Impact

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How can you make your small business stand out on social media and make a big impact? Get creative with features!

The current global pandemic has taken over our world in more ways than one. It has forced people to stay inside and really rely on the internet for everything they need. People now flock to the internet for their entertainment, news, and a lot of their shopping needs. This has also forced a lot of small businesses to transition to online and really utilize their social media accounts. This is great but in comes the question of how to make a big impact and stand out from everyone else? The answer is to get creative with the included features!

Feature 1: Go Live With Your Small Business!

Multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have live features. This allows for accounts to start a live video that people can join in too. This is a great way for a small business to set themselves apart and get their name and product out there. This can be used to showcase new products and collections as well as promote an ongoing sale by showing some of the items included. Customers can also make comments live and can comment a key word if they want to buy a certain item they see.

An important tip is to schedule these live videos in advance to let customers know when to watch! If they are regularly scheduled on the same day and time every week, then customers know when to expect them and can work it into their schedule. Also, when customers know that numerous people are looking at the same item and could be interested, they may be more likely to buy that item on the spot and not wait to think about it.

Feature 2: Put it on a Story!

Stories are great for promoting new items or making followers aware that new content has been posted. It can also be used to drive sales if you have an online website in addition to social media accounts. Pair story content with e-commerce links in the form of a swipe up link and you’ve taken online shopping to the next level. Customers will be able to see an item they like, swipe up, and gather more information. They can also buy the item right then and there.

Getting customers to engage with story content can also separate you from other online businesses. You can do this by running polls to ask what items your customers want to see next or having customers vote on their favorite pieces from a new line. There are so many ways to utilize polls and question features on stories.

Reposting content from customers that share their new items from you is also a great way to interact and engage with the customers. They will feel so excited when they see their photo on the business story. They will also be more likely to either share again or repost the story to let people know they made it big!

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Feature 3: Highlight, Highlight, Highlight!

Creating highlights is a fairly new feature on Instagram which can be beneficial for your business. Your business can organize the products you’ve posted stories about into different highlight topics. For example, a clothing store could have highlights for products such as pants, shorts, and t-shirts. This will allow followers and customers to easily find the category of items they are looking for. They can also browse through a number of them easily. This allows your small business to go back and reuse content if needed in the future, such as if a past item goes on sale you can repost the original story with the new price.

Highlights show various product categories
Highlights show various product categories which can help organize

Got any other ideas or have you used any of these features? Let us know in the comments! Also, feel free to check out 17 creative instagram story ideas and Instagram story which have design ideas for social media story content!

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