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Does your business have a loyal consumer market? It is no doubt that having a loyal consumer base will, as a result, help your business grow with more sales, brand reputation, word of mouth, etc. What is consumer loyalty? Consumer loyalty comes from providing consistently positive emotional experiences, physical attribute-based satisfaction and perceived value of an experience, which includes the product or services. How do you achieve consumer loyalty? You as the marketer and business owner must focus on consumer experiences and above all how to keep improving them. What can you do to build a positive consumer experience? 



Key Factors to building loyal consumers


1. Understand your target market

Who are your target consumers? Understanding every aspect of your target market is key to creating a successful content strategy and as a result building loyal consumers for your business. Understand their demographics, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, etc. Consider their buying patterns and what they look for in a product or service. Discover where your target market shops, who they trust, and what channels they are most frequently on. How can you make their customer experience and service stand above the rest. It is proven that a better customer service experience will keep the consumer coming back for more.

What do they want to see? Look at their purchasing power and your competitors as to what they are doing to attract your target market. Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, study the content of your competitors and what is working for them. Much can be learned from your competitors.


2. Create relevant content

Once understanding your ideal target market and discovering what peaks their interest, it is now time to create content to draw them into your product or service. What content influences your consumer? Is it video, promotions, photo’s, events, etc. Relevant content is extremely important, as this is what draws your consumer in and helps determine what their purchase power will be. This content must be tailored to your consumer but be focused on the brand and goals of what these products or services wish to achieve.   

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3. Look at all channels

In this century social media is a major marketing powerhouse, however, NEVER forget other marketing channels. Your target market may not all be on social media and therefore not utilizing different channels, can be a missed opportunity. By utilizing many different marketing channels, the company is immediately opened to a broader spectrum of consumers and have a higher probability of reaching more of your target market.

A few of today’s biggest marketing channels include:

  • Social Media
  • YouTube
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Email Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Billboards
  • SEO
  • In Store Advertising
  • Catalog/Magazine
  • Event Sales/Advertising

In conclusion, take the time to really learn about your consumer. Dig into what their likes and dislikes are and what will attract them to your products or services. Taking the time to learn these behaviors will as a result not only meet the needs and wants of your consumer but as a result will help the business and its continued success. People make the business, invest in them!


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