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A guide for small business and social media engagement

Have you ever tried reaching out to a small business or an influencer on social media and received no response? How did this make you feel? Would you want your consumers to have that same experience? Personally, there is nothing worse than commenting on a post looking for information and seeing my comment just sit there. Small businesses have an advantage when it comes to social media and engagement. This advantage comes from the communities they create and the personal relationships they form individually. A recent study reported, almost 40% of potential consumers research a small business’ social media platform before making a purchase. So, for those of you still wondering; YES, social media and engagement matter.

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Why social media engagement matters to a Small Business

Think of social media engagement as a brain storming meeting amongst colleagues, greeting people and encouraging conversation between the host and the group. Engaging with your consumers creates a since of loyalty, trust, authenticity, and authority. Social media engagement allows a small business to woo the customers before they make a purchase. Therefore, within todays marketing era simply creating social media platforms with your brand name is not enough. I once read that “social media is not a promotional channel, but an engagement channel.” Social media engagement allows for a greater marketing reach. When people notice that your brand engages with its audience, they will have more motivation to interact with you and their contentment with your business will increase. The more engagement the more your audience will grow. The more your audience grows the greater your reach becomes.

Different Ways to Increase Engagement

  • Know your audience! We cannot stress this enough. If you are unsure who you are speaking to, how do you expect to get them to engage? Starbucks audience will be different from Walmart’s, therefore it is extremely important to establish your brands voice.
  • Post and design valuable content. Content that is informational is what your audience is going to look for. Jumping on social media and just raving about your brand will not do the trick.
  • Get creative! Create polls, announce different contests, encourage questions and spotlight customers.
  • Respond in a timely manner. A quick response allows for increased customer satisfaction.
  • Finally, keep the conversation going. There are two types of engagement proactive and reactive. Reactive is replying to direct questions, messages, comments, etc. Proactive is when YOUR BRAND initiates the conversation.
Small business Marketing

Quality Audience

Creating a focal point around engagement allows you to have control of the momentum and pace your social media experiences. This allows your small business to build a following of users that are valuable and are more likely to become customers. It has been reported that consumers who like, follow, and interact with businesses on social media tend to form a relationship, visit that business more regularly, and usually spend more money within that business. Engagement also increases the chance of free marketing. It only takes 10 new followers to like, comment, or retweet to their own page allowing your posts the chance to be seen by an additional 100+ or more potential customers.

Why Content and SEO are Important for a Small Business

For those who do not know SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Meaning, maximizing the number of people who visit your website by making sure the site appears at the top of the list when a search related to your business is made. Therefore, fresh content is required so that google knows you are still active and relevant to certain searches. As a snowball effect content also keeps users and customers on your page and lets the search engines know you are still providing useful information. With this being said, engagement, content and SEO fall hand in hand with experiencing success on social media and the web.

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However you choose to look at it, a brand must be social to be successful with social media. Let your audience know you care about them, you appreciate them and LIKE them.

Feel free to comment and share successful engagement techniques that you or your company have implemented over time. I would love to hear them!

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