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Small Business Marketing: Social Media Made Easier with Hootsuite

Now more than ever social media is essential for small businesses to thrive, especially during a pandemic that social distancing and limiting the number of people outside of the home is recommended. Increasing brand awareness and maintaining customer loyalty can be done by connecting with audiences on social media platforms.

Social media doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming! There are plenty of tools available for small business marketing on social media. Using a tool such as Hootsuite can not only save time but also offer an opportunity to reach a larger audience/clientele and engage with them much easier. There are other tools like Hootsuite out there, all which are incredibly helpful in answering questions and concerns of small business owners/novice social media marketers.

I don’t have time to be on social media as often as I’d like. 

Create a plan and schedule it ahead of time to avoid the struggle of what to post each day/week. Planning content doesn’t have to be tedious; it can be scheduled when time allows and ideas are generated. Check out this Social Media Survival Guide for Small Businesses.

How are businesses posting and responding on various social accounts?

All that time bouncing from one platform to the next can essentially be saved by using one dashboard to schedule posts, respond to audiences, and review analytics of how well posts are performing. It’s engaging with customers/clients made easy.

How will I know if the content I am posting works?

Hootsuite gives free reports of data showing how well a post is performing. Knowing which posts are performing well can help tweak future posts to better meet audience interests!

There is an unlimited number of posts allowed on all social media accounts through Hootsuite regardless of the plan chosen. Plans range from $29/month for up to 10 social accounts and 1 user to $599/month for larger organizations with up to 35 social accounts and 5+users.

How do I learn more?

There are some great blogs for small businesses interested in Hootsuite for social media management. This article offers tips to non-profit organizations for subscribing to Hootsuite (bonus – up to 50% for non-profits!). This blog gives insight to social media marketing tips and tricks for any small businesses.

Here the US Chamber of Commerce shares a few success stories of small businesses using social media during the Coronavirus pandemic. Social media is here to stay and, with a tool like Hootsuite, posting quality content on various platforms can expand target audience reach, encourage audience engagement, and enhance the quality of content posted.

Have you used a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite and found success with your small business? Share in the comments below!

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