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Small Business Marketing Strategies: How to Make Yourself Standout on Social Media

Danielle Lemire

It is 2021, it is inevitable that in order for any business to find success they need a strong social media presence. This is especially true when it comes to small business success. Being able to interact with your consumers is the key to a small businesses success, so when thinking about what you can do to bring in new consumers remember…engagement, engagement, engagement!

According to one study it was revealed that 90% of marketers say that social media is important to their business

Dhariana Lozano

We know social media is important for small business, but now the question is how can a small business standout on social media? Well, let’s find out!

Follow these 4 simple, yet effective steps listed below to ensure you are making your mark on the social media world!

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Step One: Create your Strategy.

By creating a content strategy it will give your small business direction for content and allow you that time to get creative! Are you looking to gain followers? Are you interested in getting more likes per post? By determining your goals when creating your strategy they align together for a successful outcome in the end!

Step Two: Be Authentic

Your brand voice is who you are and what you stand for. by being authentically you on your social media platforms you can help build that consumer trust, and especially stand out from any competition. Anyone can post generic content where it sounds like a robot created it, but you have the ability to stand out from the crowd and just be you. That’s what we are trying to accomplish here, right? So don’t be afraid to standout and be you!

Step Three: Themes and Visuals

Think of a fun, but also distinct color palette that matches to who you are as a brand and stick with it. When a social media account is themed it is visually pleasing and helps to set the mood for what your followers can expect from following your page. Keep your use of images or videos high quality and ensure the visuals you are looking to use reflect the feel/theme you are going for. Have fun with this!

Step 4: Create Consistency

Although you may not think about it, but being able to create accountability for your social media presence ensures your customers will keep coming back. Hosting a weekly Q&A about your business, or going live on your Instagram stories every Sunday night is a great way to get connected with your followers. By doing so, you keep them coming back for more on a consistent basis while also building more on that business/consumer relationship. It is okay to turn your followers into friends, get to know them so you can better understand their wants and needs while also letting them to get to know you! The key to social media is in the phrase; social. So start getting social with your followers!

Okay, what do you think? Simple enough, right?! I know these may sound like obvious steps to follow, but implementing these will take you and your small business a long way. Social media is fun, but also informative. Let your consumers know who you are, and get to know them while you are at it!

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