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Small Business Social Media Content: Christmas Edition

Small Business Social Media Content Christmas Edition

Christmas time is quickly approaching. People everywhere are making their lists and checking them twice. Shoppers are already flooding stores. In fact, according to Deloitte, holiday sales are predicted to be even higher this year. Online sales are also expected to see increases ranging between 14 – 18% over last year. This goes for sales on small business social media sites too!

Increases in holiday shopping is GREAT news!

There is big potential for small businesses increase sales through social media engagement during the holiday season. However, to cash in on the upcoming shopping season, small business owners need to ensure they are staying relevant. Social media can be a great tool to help create brand awareness and generate engagement. In turn, this will help you get your share of the holiday pie.

This all sounds great, but you may still be asking yourself… How do I create this content? What do I write about?

Well, you’re not alone. Content creation can often be difficult and time consuming for small business owners. In fact, one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses, in regards to social media marketing, is creating content that has context. That is, it is delivered to the right person, at the right time, via the right channel, with the right message. This is why, being so close to Christmas, you should liven up your social media channels a bit.

I’ll show you how. Let’s get started…

12 Days of Engaging Christmas Content

Day 1: Kick Off the Season Right

With the holiday season right around the corner, take a moment to decorate your online platforms. Use festive pictures and holiday messages to make your profiles more relevant and personable.

Day 2: The More the Merrier

Collaborate with an industry related influencer to help spread the word about a particular product you have or your brand overall and vice versa. Add some Christmas cheer and voilà, this partnership may need to become an annual tradition!

Day 3: Share Your Holiday Hours

Throughout the end of the year, open times may vary and customers will appreciate the heads up. Shipping times and Christmas cut-off times should also be posted for late shoppers.

Day 4: The Season of Giving

The holidays are all about giving. With that being said, now would be the perfect time to help out a good cause. This can be anything from donating proceeds from sales to volunteering man hours. Afterwards, share the story on your small business social media accounts to help inspire others to volunteer where they can.

3 volunteers picking up trash at Christmas time

Day 5: Polls and Quizzes

This can be something fun, such as asking what their favorite holiday dish is. This can also be something to help collect valuable information, like which candle scent they prefer during the holidays or what tool set someone’s husband may want more under the Christmas tree.

Day 6: Showcase Favorite Products/Services

Consumers get a ton of information thrown at them on a consistent basis throughout the holidays. Remind them of what you have to offer in a festive and enticing way to increase sales.

Day 7: Run a Sales Promotion

With a little more than 10% of people finishing their holiday shopping before December 12th, last-minute shoppers are sure to be looking for deals. Run a promotion closer to Christmas that features higher holiday savings.

Day 8: Photo Caption Challenge

Post a picture that is both relevant to your industry but also to the overall holiday season. Ask user’s to help caption the picture and share to their friends. There could be a prize as well for the best caption.

Day 9: Holiday Giveaways

Run giveaways that encourage engagement, like photo sharing with particular holiday hashtags. Winners can then be selected at the end, with enough time to spare for shipping.

Christmas Giveaway enter now drawing December 15

Day 10: Memes for Everyone

People love memes. They take away from the overcrowded land of sales and advertisements and allow the visitor something to just enjoy. If used on your small business social media accounts correctly, this could go viral boosting awareness.

Day 11: Give Advice

This can be a simple helpful holiday tip or it can be in the form of useful information such as in a newly released eBook. Again, visitors will love that they are getting something for free that will ultimately empower them.

Day 12: Happy Holidays Video

Share a video post with your followers that helps showcase the company holiday spirit while also thanking them for another year of continued service.

That’s a Wrap!

This article includes 12 days of festive, engagement-centered social media content ideas. The ideas above are specifically chosen to help you increase brand awareness, visitor engagement, site visits, and overall end of year sales. Each idea allows for personalized touches and creative expression. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Who knows, you may even find something that you can alter and use again. If so, let me know which one worked best for you! Otherwise, subscribe below and follow along for even more social media marketing know-how.

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