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Small Business Tourism and How it is Changing the Tourism Industry of Today

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According to an article by Le Diem Qynh, Pham, “Small businesses make up the majority of the tourism businesses and contribute to the livelihoods of many communities throughout the world. These global impacts haven’t just been re-shaping the local communities, but the people within them as well.” The following post will highlight Pham’s points and represent how the impact of small businesses has been reshaping the tourism industry over the years.

What Does Small Business Tourism Mean and How does it Reflect on Small Business Companies Today?

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When you hear the word tourism, what do you think?

Do you immediately think of luxurious hotels and far away places? or Do you think about having a coffee at a local coffee shop? visiting a local art museum? or perhaps exploring somewhere entirely new?

Small business tourism is really about exploring the places and businesses that have existed for a long-time in your local neighborhood, which you may not have known existed before. It is all about getting to know the local culture and people within these areas, as well.

This could include taking walks to your neighborhood café, checking out local stores, or buying a few gifts at your local, homemade crafts store.

What Does Small Business Tourism Mean For Indpendent Businesses Locally and Internationally?

Kite Addict, A Small Business That is Making a Positive Impact

Some small businesses rely greatly on their connections to survive. One example of a company that truly values and cares for its customers is Kite Addict. Kite Addict is a small, independent Kiteboarding school, which is located within Riohacha, Colombia. Kite Addict is a company that treats everyone like family and even hires young adults and teens from the local indigenous Wayuú, community to work for Kite Addict as well. This is important because it gives young people not only increased job opportunities, a chance to learn new skills, and a place to hang out as well. Kite Addict has also partnered with other businesses in the area such as one local restaurant called Tía Maria’s, which is run by one of the student’s aunts. This again creates a family like-atmosphere and inspires a connection between tourists and locals alike.

What We Can Learn From Kite Addict?

After reading what was just written above, would you still want to invest in a major hotel which, was offering the same services for an extra cost? Probably not. This is because you now know a personal story about the company and what Kite Addict truly stands for. Small businesses like Kite Addict are everywhere and many have the same connections as they do too. This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to invest in small businesses, because oftentimes they are supporting a lot of other people, besides themselves.

Why Do People Invest in Small Town Tourism?

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People who choose to invest in small businesses have helped drive the economy, since the COVID-19 Pandemic. An article by Leah Kemp, states the following:

Investing in cultural tourism encourages travelers to visit local communities and learn about their culture. This can include learning about the town’s local history, arts and music, learning a new language, and more.

Lastly, the article highlights the importance of investing more money into outdoor activities for both residents and visitors. These activities can be anywhere from hiking, to outside dining restaurants, and exploring local farms. Participating in these types of activities can help everyone stay active and healthy.

The Most Import Ways in which Tourists Can Make A Big Impact for Small Businesses, while Traveling

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If tourists wish to make a major positive impact on the local economy and the places that they are visiting then they need to do the following:


You need to skip the name-brand hotels and the typical tourist attractions, which everyone goes for. Spending more money on locally owned hotels won’t just be good for your budget, but will help you gain a personal and deeper look into the place that you are staying at.


You must visit local shops, businesses, and talk with the owners of various locations directly. This will help create more personal connections with people from the local area. People who own various businesses and services know the places most people like to go to and hang out in, so while you’re sitting in the back of the taxi on your way to your destination strike up a conversation and ask about where the best places to eat are, what people like to do on weekends. Trust me your adventure will only have just begun.


You must immerse yourself in the culture and explore places you might not otherwise have recognized existed before.

Before planning a trip, most people immediately look at the top places to go or the ones most tourists like to see. This is good, but this tends to isolate places like Riohacha or Palenque in Colombia, and Ibarra in Ecuador. These are places many people have never been to or have known about, which is why it is important to immerse yourself in the local culture, take a leap of faith and try staying somewhere new.


Finally, It is important to participate in more locally funded activities like taking town tours, attending local events, and more. This will help you to connect with the town you are staying in, in ways you may not have thought of before.

Key Take Aways

In this post you have learned about the following:

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  • 1. The reasons as to why investing in small businesses is more important than corporations, especially given the current economic crisis set by COVID-19.
  • 2. We looked at how small businesses help create cultural and community interactions by actually working with community members directly. Specifically looking at Kite Addict’s business model as an example.
  • 3. We looked at how tourists can invest more money into the local economy focusing on small businesses, which helps create sustainabiltiy for the town.
  • 4. Lastly, we talked about how investing in Small Businesses will encourage you to explore new places and participate in new experiences you may not have thought of before.

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