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Transparency For Small Businesses & Social Media

For small business owners, or those looking to begin their own, one area that lacks attention is “transparency.” For up and coming businesses, such as clothing brands or fitness centers, transparency is the ability to show potential customers and followers the processes that they undertake in order to provide their service/product. “Brands that prioritize transparency in their social approach earn great rewards—gains in consumer trust, increased sales and a bolstered brand reputation.” (Sprout Social, 2019) 

Developing Relationships Through Transparency

Being honest about the highs and lows of your business can go a long way into ensuring a strong relationship with your audience. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have only enhanced the importance of transparency for businesses, with many consumers expecting for there to be a “relationship” of sort between them and the business. In fact, doing so may encourage consumers to more likely exhibit brand loyalty

Brands to Study

One brand that has grown tremendously over the last few years is Chinatown Market. Initially a small operation, this brand has found itself at the forefront of streetwear. With a constant influx of content for their audience, this clothing brand manages to provide information regarding new releases, shipping updates and more through their excellent use of social media.

Chinatown Market updating its audience about shipping issues/concerns.

Another is a smaller clothing upstart called Platinum Baka, run by a single woman. Initially dealing vintage clothing, she has also begun to design and release her own brand of clothing and accessories. In doing so, she also posts stories updating customers in regards to any issues. This may be in regards to supplies, shipping, order cancellations, as well as a look behind the scenes in her design process. Doing so has made many a customer, leading to her original designs always selling out. 

Parting Words

Starting your own business can be challenging. Rather than pretend like everything is going to run smoothly, it is best to communicate the hardships with your following. This way, they feel a stronger sense of commitment to your brand/business, as well as being there when you succeed. How do you feel that transparency fits in with your social media strategy? Let us know in the comments!

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