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Small Businesses and Instagram Success

There are many ways that small businesses can have instagram success.

However, operating and running your own business can be rewarding but demanding at the same time.

With many areas to oversee, I hope this blog helps you in respect to social media marketing on Instagram by providing valuable insight.

With over 111 million users on Instagram, the platform has tremendous potential to:

  • Assist you in establishing and expanding your brand presence
  • Enhancing customer engagement
  • Initiating a community and staying relevant among your targeted audience.

With the ever-changing and competitive landscape small business owners operate in.

Utilizing Instagram can assist you in distinguish yourself from the competition by providing a means for you to tell your unique story.

In addition, you could potentially gain customers and sell your product online.

Five Tips to Ensure Success

1) Tell Stories

Every business has a unique story behind it and maybe its you the owner or perhaps how you came up with the idea to create the product you sale.

Think about it and tell the story.

Instagram has a “Your story” feature you can utilize or you can tell your unique story through video or photos.

According to Newberry (2018), one third of stories viewed on Instagram are from businesses. So take advantage of this feature to ensure your success!

2) Focus on Customer engagement

Instagram provides a great opportunity for you the business owner to relate to your customer and to build a strong relationship with them.

Strive to show features your customers appreciate, offer special promotions and respond to their comments.

Due to this, engagement decreases the gap between customers and businesses.

As a small business owner you can converse with your target audience and possibly build a community of supporters through Instagram.

3) Stay Current

When posting be cognizant of national holidays and current events because you can use these as elements to incorporate into your post or description .

For instance, if it is St. Patricks day, wish everyone a Happy St. Patricks day, offer a promotion using code #stpatricks or simply incorporate the color green into your post.

This shows your audience that you are aware and are striving to connect with them through unifying commonalities.

4) Cross Promote

Where applicable, cross promote and work with brand influencers to expand your network and target audience reach.

This area may take some research but could increase your brand presence instantly.

5) Use hashtags

Using hashtags are one of the single most important things to do when posting.

For small business owners, hashtags allow you to reach your target audience and appear among common keywords that can link your business globally.

Small business owners its important to use these five tips to ensure your success when using Instagram.

These tips are extremely important for small businesses and instagram success!

I would love to hear your thoughts and success stories as you implement these into your social media strategies!

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