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Small Businesses Who Care, Stand Out During Covid-19

Small Businesses make up a large part of our county’s economic backbone. As seen within the last few months, a crisis such as covid-19 can really bring into spotlight just how much people lean on each other during uncertain times. Small businesses have really stood out as they have been stepping up to make a difference. Even though many of themselves are barely getting by.

Chicago Collective

One such example of this is when local restauranteur Wade McElroy helped to bring small businesses in Chicago together. Collectively, these small businesses developed a plan to raise money for the hospitality workers, first responders and high risk members of their community.

These businesses aren’t just making a big impact in the community surrounding them, they are making noise in the social media world by creating a “Call for Action“, which has helped them stand out during the covid-19 pandemic.

“Front Steps/Porch Project”

Helping communities is not the only way small businesses are coming together. Throughout the country, certain fields are joining forces as well. One such field is photographers with the “Front Steps Project”, also known as “Porchraits”. Cara Soulia and her marketer Kristen Collins came up with the idea to capture families during the pandemic. Since this idea launched on St. Patrick’s Day, they have been joined by over 250 photographers nation-wide and have raised over $20,000 for charities.


Photographers participate in nationwide project to raise money during COVID-19 outbreak

Before Covid-19

While 2020 may be the year of the #wereinthistogether, giving back to their communities is something small businesses are known for, as seen below with percentages gathered by SCORE.

66% percent give to local charities

48% support local youth organizations

42% donate to local first responders

39% support local religious organizations

37% aid local service groups such as the Rotary club and Scouts

32% donate food or volunteer in local soup kitchens

Now more than ever people are looking to make a difference and if they can do that while purchasing a needed product or service, it makes that purchase all that more enjoyable. For many of these small businesses, that means making your customers aware of your values which they can be proud to contribute to.

Being graded for effort doesn’t end in elementary school. When it comes to small businesses, choosing to help out will certainly get you a higher grade with your customers.

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