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SMB: The time to go mobile is NOW

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For Small businesses, SMB: The time to go mobile is now! FIS GLOBAL, a leading #FinTech company, is empowering small businesses to adapt to mobile banking!

How banks can leverage digital innovation | EY Canada

As a result, as an #SMB you can now have everyday stressors removed with FIS’ one stop, seamless #banking platform at your fingertips!

“Ultimately, when SMB spend more than 5 minutes doing their banking, they want to see it on a large device (Abare 2020).”

SO, the time to go mobile is NOW!

Below are the top activities SMBs are using mobile for:

Data: Digitizing SMB payments | PaymentsSource | American Banker 2018

SMB #digital statistics:

  • 31.7 million small businesses, making up nearly (99.9%) of US businesses
  • AND, SMB provide jobs to over 60 million people
  • BUT, only 29% of all small businesses are using mobile banking
  • 65% of small businesses still go to bank to deposit checks
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SO, What do #smallbusinesses want from #mobile #banking?

WBML Business Mobile Trends Infographic

BUT, watch this video to see how FIS Global “promises fast financing (literally in minutes)

SO, for small businesses, shifting all of their financial needs to mobile, has a significant impact on how they #engage with #customers and how they save time, allowing them to focus on innovating their business.

The PACE findings, FIS’ annual signature research study, surveyed approximately 600 SMBs in the U.S. to identify changing banking habits and preferences. To learn more, visit (

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