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Using Snapchat for your Business



What exactly does SnapChat do??

Snapchat is an image or video sharing platform. Any Snapchat user can send a ‘snap’ to their friends or followers. Snaps can be viewed for up to 10 seconds, dependent on what the sender decides. When time runs out, the snap disappears. You can edit your snaps by drawing with the paintbrush tool, writing text, using a fun lens or adding geofilters.


So..SnapChat for your business/brand??!

Why, How? Is the questions that most people ask in regards to Snap.

Snapchat is a younger app compared to the rest of the popular social media outlets created in 2011.  Because of this it is looked at as an outlet for the younger generations.

In the past year SnapChat has taken on some popular brands such as the NFL, Gatorade, Food Network, 20th Century Fox and ESPN.  The list continues to grow as the statistics come out more and more in favor of SnapChat.

If you look at some of SnapChats recent statistics you will find it hard to not use Snap in your business anymore.

    • An estimated 200 million monthly users.
    • 10 billion daily video views, as of February 2016.
    • 500 million new Snapchat Stories uploaded every day.
    • An averaged viewership growth rate of 43% per month over its history.
    • A reach of approximately 11% of all digitally-connected Americans.
    • A current market valuation of $16 billion.
    • 76% of Snapchat users are also frequent online buyers.
    • Frequently among the top 10 most-downloaded apps on mobile platforms.

Some of the leading social media experts in the field have written blogs and articles about incorporating Snaps into your daily social media habits.
Kim Garst @kimgarst  Best Selling Author, Twitter Expert, Keynote Speaker, Brand Influencer – Boom! Social, recently stated her views on incorporating Snapchat and how to gain more followers using Ghostcodes.

Snap has a bunch of terminology you might not be familiar with, what is this terminology?

Snap: An image or video, visible for up to 10 seconds.
Story: A photo or video you post to your ‘Stories’ section. You can post multiple snaps to a story, one at a time, and they stay visible to any friend or follower for 24 hours.
Lens: An animated effect which changes the appearance of the user. A popular choice is the ‘dog filter’ which adds ears and a nose, if you open your mouth a tongue licks the screen!
Geofilter: A location-specific filter which you can use to show friends and followers where you are.
Snapcode: A Snapchat logo, with a code unique to you, which users can scan to follow you or add you as a friend.

Each one of these can be useful to your company or brand.

      • Add Snaps To Your Story:  You can add snaps to your story throughout the day. Think about showcasing behind-the-scenes videos, sneak preview images and exclusive discount codes. Make sure your content is interesting and gives them access to information they aren’t able to get elsewhere. Remember, anything you post to your story will be live for 24 hours… so once it’s gone, it’s gone!
      • Create A Sponsored Lens:  Adding Snaps to your Story is free, but if you wanted to reach consumers who aren’t already following you, then you could pay for a sponsored lens. Brands which have had success through using a sponsored lens include Spotify and Gatorade.
      • Create A Sponsored Geofilter:  Like a sponsored lens, designing a sponsored geofilter is also a payable feature. These filters are location and time specific, so if you’re hosting a business event, creating a geofilter for attendees to use on their snaps can increase your exposure. Alternatively, you can submit a geofilter for use within your community free of charge, but no brand names or logos are permitted.

Gatorade created a geo-filter specifically that allowed users to dunk a virtual cooler on themselves within the app. This geo-filter was interactive, had minimal brand placement, and allowed users to feel as though they were a part of the excitement of the big game. All this led to the geo-filter’s massive success of 160 million impressions, more coverage than the game itself got (111.9 million people tuned into the game).



If you decide it is the right move for you to incorporate SnapChat into your business always remember to:

      • Spread the word… Promote your account username across all other Social Media platforms as well as your website. Without any followers, your story won’t get any views.
      • Ensure content encourages engagement… Ask their opinions, tell them about new projects, take them behind the scenes in the office, look for any chance to add value for your followers.
      • Have fun!… Snapchat is an app made for a young demographic, so have fun with it. Letting your followers get to know you and your team will develop a positive association with your brand, which in turn can lead to strong brand loyalty.


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