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So you want to be a travel blogger? Pack these best practices

Travel Blogger best practices

Where can travel blogging best practices take you?

Don’t leave home without these travel blogger tips.

Establishing an online and social presence for any organization takes time and strategy. But if you dream of being a travel blogger implementing these best practices can help you get to your dream destination.

The role of a travel blogger also fits the title of dream job for many. In this industry, reviews and recommendations are essential and research continues to show that consumers not only rely on them but are more likely to trust the comments of a stranger than the promises put forth by a company. This is why blogging can be such a great tool as it can establish you as a resource and expert in your industry and area. However, being successful is not as simple as sharing an experience or an opinion, there are some basic best practices that when followed can help to make the dream a reality.

1. Create great content
Content is king, it is the “currency of the social web and providing interesting content is the way to earn your audience” (Schaefer, 2014, p. 57). It is also one of the most overused statements in the social mediasphere but it is true which also makes it important. So, make sure your content is compelling, informative and of high-quality.

2. Key in on key words
The importance of the content of your blog is not just about what you write, but the keywords that are used. Therefore, if you are using keywords that are consistently being searched it improves the rank of your blog which ultimately brings in more followers. Be sure to create a keyword list and use a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner to double check that you have selected some of the most-trafficked keywords that relate to your area of expertise and interest.

3. Be Friendly
Having to produce content consistently can become challenging. While being a travel blogger is a dream job for many, it is a reality for very few. However, just because you are limited to the number of trips you can take doesn’t mean you can’t take your followers places. Guest blogging can be a great way to enhance your blog. Work to establish guest blogs from well-respected bloggers can not only bring new followers to you but open doors for you to blog in other places and help to secure backlinks and further establish your area of expertise in the industry.

4. Integrate and Share
Integrating social content into a blog can further awareness through social channels, drive users, and build more connections. However, to integrate a published blog be sure to expand beyond Facebook and Twitter, simply sharing a link is not enough. A good rule of thumb is to apply The Five Rule and find five ways to extend the blog to create further exposure. For more details on this and other great blogging best practices, review this tip sheet from Pure Michigan. Be sure to pay extra attention to the headline formula, it’s simple but effective.

5. Analyze your Audience
Creating content, using keywords, making friends and integrating are all important practices but without reviewing key analytics the success of the blog might never be achieved. Be sure to review, evaluate and understand the technographic profile of your target. You want to “dissect and quantify the dynamics that separate different participants” (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 40). This allows for the creation of strategies that support their behaviors and tendencies, meeting them where they are and engaging in ways they are comfortable with. It is also important to understand the bigger picture of the travel industry, this six-page report on The State of the American Traveler offers great insight on trends and has an entire page dedicated to the role of technology and travel media, identifying resources and services travelers are using to plan leisure trips.

Travel inspiration

Dream it. Do it.

Remember you are an expert in your own right. You have great information and insight, perhaps even some insider tips to share. Find your voice and share it through integration and be sure to engage in an effective manner and you can discover new opportunities to grow your blog and maybe make that dream job a reality. Good luck!


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