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Social Media Authors: Tips To Promote Indie Writer Business

The Social Observer: Social Media for AuthorsSerious social media authors face unique business challenges. As the number of self-publishing authors increases, so does the need for good social media marketing. However, many authors are not natural-born marketing experts. In today’s indie book industry, it’s not enough to be a good writer – and it’s certainly not enough to have a few pages on social media sites as your marketing strategy. In order to truly find your readers, writers need actively build a fanbase.

Indie authors must realize that in today’s market everyone is a social media author. Self-publishing a book is a click away, and those that have successful books are not necessarily the best writers. If you want your book to be a hit, you have to learn how to attract readers and harness the power of social media.

Stop Over-Promoting Your Specific Indie Works

Stop Over-PromotingContrary to popular belief, successful social media campaigns are not about advertising. They are about connecting, engaging, inspiring and learning with your audience. Before you discard that idea as some touchy-feely hoopla, think about the kind of posts you enjoy seeing on social media. Are they advertisements and self-promoting rants – or are they informative, uplifting and entertaining ideas?

While there is nothing wrong with letting your fanbase know about your next book or an upcoming promotion, such posts should not make up the bulk of your social media content. Use these powerful platforms to show your audience why you are worth their time and how you can help them. Encourage them to interact with you and get to know your followers. Promote other authors’ works that you feel will benefit your fans. If you find yourself self-promoting more than your followers prefer, remember the reason people use social media in the first place. It is not to make purchases – it is to connect with other people.

Social Media Authors Must Get to Know Their Readers

Get to Know Your ReadersUnlike the pre-social media days when you had to guess who your readers were – today’s platforms take the guesswork out of who is reading your work. You can get to know your audience like never before, and they can learn more about you. This accessibility is mutually beneficial, as it allows for two-way communication, group discussions, polls, feedback and a look into the lives of your readers.

Marketing is much more intimate than it used to be and audiences expect some degree of personal connection between them and their favorite authors. Whether that is through intriguing posts, private messages, exclusive content, or a retweet of their content – your audience needs your interaction. Ironically, these kind of anti-marketing strategies tend to be the best form of marketing, especially for social media authors of any kind.

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Building your reputation as one of the successful social media authors these days takes patience and persistence – overnight successes does’t exist. The writers you see in the news have many years of failure, dedication, grit and life lessons behind their work. Success as an indie author comes from combining your writing talent with a knowledge of how to conduct a business – and using that knowledge to grow your audience.


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