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The Social Media Big 3 and your business

social media big 3When reading the title, does it get you thinking or are you left confused? Well I am here to tell you about the Social Media Big 3 and how they can help you expand your business! First lets discuss what the Social Media Big 3 are. They are Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn, each one of these can help boost your company’s reach, audience, sales, and more! A great article to help show you what some other popular social media sites are is by Randy Milanovic. This article is great if you want to read a brief description on each social media platform and he does an amazing job identifying each other’s core competencies. Not to get to off topic let’s bring it back to the Big 3.

How to utilize the Social Media Big 3 for Success


For the most part, if you are reading this I assume you have either heard about Facebook or even have one of your very own! I am here to tell you the difference between a personal Facebook page and one for a business. As most of you know, Facebook has the ability to let your friends know what you are doing as well as where you are at. By just a click of a button, Boom! Just like that a status could read Nick just ate a hamburger and loves it. While that is true and all, a business would not post something in the realms of that. Here are some top reasons why a small company would benefit from Facebook. For this example let’s use an up and coming Landscaping company.


I mean come on how great is that. Companies have to deal with budgets which for a smaller company can be extremely tough because it may mean putting your money towards something else. But Alas, Facebook has made it so each and every small business can actually benefit from their social media platforms. This can be done by creating a business page. This leads us to other benefits. How exciting!

  1. Reviews Baby, Reviews

Owning a business, it is important to hear feedback from your customers. Hopefully they are all good, but if not, than the creators of the page have the ability to engage the customers and figure out where improvements can be made. Another cool aspect is that with great reviews of a company it allows the company to use the best reviews on their company website.

  1. Customer Engagement

In social media, the rule of thumb is the 80/20 Rule. Basically in a nut shell, no one wants to feel like they are being sold something…so the rule of thumb is 80% of the content that is put out should be engaging the customer. The other 20% should be about your company and the services it offers, another way to think about it is a call to action. So to apply this to a company’s Facebook page, maybe suggest sharing the information. Another cool thing you could do is create a poll, anything really to engage the consumer.


First off let me just say that Twitter is AMAZING! The social media platform itself is fun and gets straight to the point. Think about it though, from a personal standpoint. For personal use why do you go on? Is it to find something new, maybe interact with a brand, or even if you are just trying to gain more followers. Well, those are the reasons why every company should be on Twitter.

If you are a business, you want to engage with your customers or potential customers. More and more people are entering the age of social media both young and old. As a business it is important to engage this potential audience. On Twitter you have only 140 character space allowed to get your message out there. It is important that when using Twitter you employ creativity and understanding. By understanding your target market, you can wow them with all of the traits that you want your brand to be known for. In fact a great example of a company that engages and is really known for their customer service is Starbucks ( Check out this article to help gain insight on being a successful Twitterer). Like Facebook there are many many reasons as to why one should go with a social media platform.

  1. It’s free ( not trying to sound redundant)

All a company has to do is create a Twitter account and you are connected to the Twittersphere. It’s not just creating an account, it will take time and a lot of effort in gaining followers. This can be done by creating memorable hashtags that will get attention to your twitter account. For more information on creative hashtags and how they help check out this article The Twitter Hashtag: What Is It and How Do You Use It? .

  1. Promoting

Twitter can help promote a new product or service. Unlike buying TV space to create a commercial announcing a new product or service, a 140 character message will do and most likely catch some attention, which brings us to our third reason.


This is the most important part of Twitter. Sure you can send out a Tweet but did it get any attention? If you can get your followers to retweet your message than it allows your message to be seen by the followers of those you retweet the message. This is great because it creates volume and a lot of positive feedback which is great for your company. Again that is why it is important to make sure your Twitter is memorable.


Out of all the Social Media Big 3, I think that this one is my favorite. First off, LinkedIn is more than just a resume builder and place for you to find a job. LinkedIn is great because of all the possibilities that it can create for you and your business.

  1. Networking

Running a business goes beyond making a profit. A successful business, runs like a machine. Like a machine, each part plays a role in the overall way the machine runs. As a company on LinkedIn, you are looking for that “Part” to be a part of your machine. The person that you find and connect with and potentially hire can help strengthen your business and in the end run promote growth for the company.

  1. LinkedIn Groups

Another cool feature is LinkedIn Groups . This great feature, allows the user to join groups that pertain to the target audience. This is useful towards a business because it allows businesses to engage potential clients and answer any questions they have as well as gain prospective leads towards new business.


The Choice is Yours

I hope you found this information to be helpful in your quest to become a social media guru. Whether it’s Facebook , Twitter , or LinkedIn or all 3, each can help in many different ways to grow your business.

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