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Social Media Can be Bad for Small Business

Why Social Media Can be Bad for your Small Business

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Social Media? BAD for your small business? How can that be? Isn’t that the hot topic right now? Cat’s meow for business, especially small business marketing tactics? How could it possibly be bad?

Think about it…things are only optimally effective when they’re used correctly, and if they’re used incorrectly there’s a chance that it may work to your detriment, rather than in your favor, and honestly, marketing your brand or content or company on social media is no different.

Many small businesses may be in the process of trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of social media and marketing, – what if we could deliver some tips on things to focus on and avoid like the plague to make their journey through this social media maze a little easier?

So, here we are. At your service.


  1. Go in Blindly and Plan-less

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This step is crucial and often ignored. Do not ignore this planning phase. This is such an important step in the rollout of a successful social media marketing strategy. If you don’t plan it out, do you really even have a strategy? Let’s dive headfirst into the planning strategy and be sure not to miss this step. What’s even more important is rolling out some SMART goals to use and determining actions to achieve those goals. Got get ‘em!

2. Continuously self-promote and ask for sales (Focus on content marketing instead).

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Nothing bugs me more than being reached out to by someone asking to try a product, especially when there’s no trade in value. Showing up on your audiences’ social media pages over, and over, and over again pushing sales and not delivering any value in return is essentially the same thing. Instead, businesses should lean heavily into content marketing which is about providing value and giving something to the audience in order to build trust. This is super effective as well because 70% of customers would rather learn about a company through an article over any kind of advertisement.

3. Post the Same Content on Every Social Media Account or Assume they’re all the same.

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This is so classic. It’s so tempting and easy to think that posting your awesome Instagram photo on every other social media platform is effective and exactly what you should be doing – but it’s not. Not only should you be focusing on delivering different content and value on different platforms, but each platform is so incredibly different and the people who love and follow your brand on Facebook and LinkedIn probably aren’t interested in every single photo you post to your Instagram platform. This is a great way for people to start ignoring your updates. Provide unique content to each platform that’s appropriate for the audience that shows up there.

4. Ignore Your Customers and Audience on Social Media

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Would you believe that consumers on social media not only expect responses from their engagement and inquiries on social media platforms, but need a response quickly? When this doesn’t happen, brand trust can be broken, customers and potential customers can be lost and so on. Engagement with your audience on social media is crucial to a successful marketing campaign, so don’t ignore the people who are the foundation of your business being successful. Quick responses provide not only the speed and convenience that people crave, but also build your brand as one customers can trust and rely on when there’s an issue.

5. Stress about the numbers!

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Quality over quantity is the key here. If the content and value are being delivered, the audience will come. The numbers will come. The engagement will come. Do not obsess over followers, and don’t get discouraged if your small business doesn’t have 40K Instagram followers overnight.

When it comes to social media you get out of it what you put into it. So put in value. Put in content. Respond to the people that will ultimately make your business successfully. Be thoughtful. Have a plan. And have fun!

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