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Social Media Channels – Choose Wisely! Part II

A Free Lunch?

Management of multiple social media channels can be resource intensive. This underscores the need for deep and thoughtful consideration when choosing which channels will be used in your social media marketing campaign. Administrating an effective promotional strategy requires certain conditions. These are typically represented as expenditures and because expenses may be monetary and/or time commitments, both amount to a need for spending.

But wait, you say, so I thought online marketing was supposed to be complimentary! Without charge! We must remember the old adage; there is no free lunch.

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Tending to Social Goals

Content analysis needs an investment in software and staff in order to effectively monitor user-generated content (UGC) in social media (Trottier, 2015). Having proper monitoring tools, as well as the staff needed to skillfully use them, costs money. Certainly there are some monitoring tools which may be downloaded freely. However, these are often limited in function and may not provide the needed information desired. Monitoring duties should be productively assigned. This avoids results of inaccurate reporting, insufficient analysis,and disgruntled employees. Goals achieved by wise investment in the necessary software and personnel far outweigh savings gained by using shortcuts.

Examining feedback in online media is important, therefore ongoing monitoring of user-generated content (UGC) is suggested in order to manage negative comments. It may adversely impact brand image and decrease brand equity (Zailskaite-Jakste & Kuvykaite, 2013). The brand is at stake, and having its image tarnished by consumers leaving negative comments  can have disastrous results. Some firms have avoided using digital media for this very reason. However, this is not a logical approach. With effective monitoring and immediate response to customer complaints, advantages gained far outweigh value lost by not having an online strategic approach.

Don’t forget the Costs

Cost requirements for monitoring UGC in numerous social networking sites may be prohibitive. As a result, choosing which specific social media channels to use effectively can reduce the cost requirements. Effort is enhanced when proper focus is made in appropriate social media channel selection. Social media marketing management is optimized when ideal social networking sites are selected for use. Time and capital resources are augmented when sustainable avenue choice is enabled. Finally, when we choose social media channels wisely, we expand our endeavors, and reach the best possible outcome available in a digital marketing strategy.

Tools for social media channel management

Summing It Up

What are your thoughts on choosing online community channels? As a result of this post, do you think, in this respect, that less is more? Please enter your comments in the space below, and be sure to share this article using the buttons provided. Join us again on TSO for more insights into the tactical advantages of SM marketing!


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