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Social Media Content: The top 5 tips to scheduling & sustaining quality content for small businesses

As an emerging small business, it is easy enough to post here and there and hope someone buys into your product or service.

Nope. It just won’t happen… Instead, small businesses should look into creating a social media content calendar. The social media content calendar will allow small business to promote their content regarding their product/or service on a pre-set schedule, for weeks in advance. This will businesses to allocate more time and resources to other areas that require more attention such as human resources or IT issues. The calendar also allows businesses to remain organized, save on time, post consistently, reduce errors and see what works and what doesn’t work for your brand (Cooper, 2020). 

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To begin, the top 5 tips for an effective social media content calendar are:

  1. Identify areas of improvement with current social media post 
  2. Develop goals for each social media platform
  3. Determine your targeted audience 
  4. Identify the most successful post that you currently have
  5. After running your calendar for a specific time reframe, review the results to measure the success of the calendar strategy you’ve developed
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It is important to understand that each content campaign may take some time to develop a steady, successful strategy. The frequency of post and time of the posting may also play a factor into the success of a businesses campaign. Taking the time to review analytics data each platform prior to launching can help confirm the best practices. 

The majority of users that follow brands are more likely to make a purchase with them (McCoy, 2020); and followers are typically drawn to brands by consistent content and engagement. Investing in calendar templates or scheduling applications are great tools to use to post for weeks in advance. Otherwise, setting a daily reminder to post at specific times can work as well, as long as the content is complete and the branding strategy itself is simple. 

Following the steps above will guide small businesses to create an effective social media calendar, allowing them to reach their goals and connect with their audience. 


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