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Social Media for Small Business, Where Do I Start?

Small business the owners tend to wear many hats. Some include being a manager, accountant, and of course in charge of marketing to name a few. Marketing is an area that has evolved over time for small businesses. Now almost every successful business has some form of a website and/or social media presence. However, if you are an entrepreneur and just getting started the big question seems to be where do I start with social media? Here are some tools and/or tips that will give you some ideas on where to start!


Google Analytics is an excellent place to start once you have built your website. This article provides 10 Good Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics. As it is stated in the article this is a free service that enables you to truly understand if your website is actually doing what you want it to do. Plus as we all know these days marketing is all about relationships and understanding your customers.

This is a Google Analytics example to show some data you can collect about customers
Small Business Google Analytics Data Example

Google Analytics provides the tools and data you need to understand, connect, and engage your customers. Once you understand how to navigate this tool this is one less hat you need to wear as a small business owner. Let Google Analytics do the work for you!


If you want to establish yourself in the social media marketing world another place to start is Hootsuite. The great thing about Hootsuite is once you connect your one, two, three, or more social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You then can use Hootsuite to track how well or not so well your posts are performing. For example, the number of likes or retweets are aspects you can examine as a small business with Hootsuite. Then from the data, you can make changes to your social media plan. You can also schedule when posts occur throughout the week and/or month.

This is an example of how to schedule a post using Hootsuite
Potential Small Business Example from the Hootsuite Blog

Check out this resource so you can see some examples of calendar usage. So from your Google Analytics, you can see when people are visiting your website and also what social media platforms they are using to get to your landing page. Then you simply use Hootsuite to set up when you want posts to occur based on the data you have analyzed. If you have numerous posts to get out weekly see the video below about scheduling multiple posts.

Utilize this tool and let Hootsuite save you time so there is another hat you can focus on wearing for your small business.

Start With Why

You now have some tangible tools you can use to assist in your social media endeavors as a small business. However, you also need to remember where to start when you begin to develop a strategy for your content. Never forget the Why behind your small business as Simon Sinek says “Start With Why.”

This is important when you are developing content marketing for your small business. Content marketing strategy is defined as is your “why.” Why you are creating content, who you are helping, and how you will help them in a way no one else can. When you create this strategy as a small business keep in mind these simple points when starting. Set goals and be aware of potential roadblocks that could occur. Know your audience and who you are creating content for… Remember to satisfy their wants and needs in the social media world! Tell your story and communicate in an effective manner to show your value and set yourself apart from the competition. Know are you are going to utilize each social media platform to tell your story. However, make sure the message is consistent and connects back to your “WHY.”

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. Hopefully, these tools and tips will assist you in answering the question where do I start with social media? Once you know where to start maybe you can start by wearing fewer hats… Good luck!

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