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Social Media for the Busy Fempreneur

Working together to beat the businesswoman stereotype in order to thrive.

“As of 2017, more than 11 million U.S. businesses were owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people and generating $1.7 trillion in sales, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners.”

Woman-Owned Businesses can thrive when provided the right tools and tactics in a busy environment through social media marketing.

One of the most frequently asked questions women ask is where do I even start?! Not only do women maintain their homes, but in today’s industry, they’re working full time, AND owning their own businesses! More than 11 million busy fempreneurs need more resources to help build their social media from scratch.

Put a finger down if you struggle with:

  • Self-Confidence: believing that as a woman, mother, student, wife, dog mom, or cat lady, you are capable of achieving greatness.
  • Owning Your Accomplishments: Are you proud of something you’ve worked hard on? Have you struggled to get to where you are today? Be proud of that. You did that. Own it. BE PROUD!
  • Managing your Time: Running errands, making meetings, and finding time to work out, it can feel impossible to keep up!
  • Generating Social Media Content: Not only do you have to run your business, but you’re supposed to market it too?!
  • Maintaining a Work-Life Balance: Just because you’ve found what you love to do doesn’t mean it won’t take hard work! But are you still taking time for yourself?

Did you put all five fingers down? Well, that’s the best part! You’re not alone in your struggle. There are over 11 million other women out in the world striving to be successful every day. So instead of fighting over who can make it to the top first, we as businesswomen can join forces. Together, we can offer resources from each of our areas of expertise to help another woman along her journey.

You have so much to manage so juggling everything along with managing your own marketing is no easy task! But my offering to fellow female business owners is through my experience and expertise in social media marketing. Not sure where to get started? Well here are a few key points that help get those creative juices flowing and your cursor moving!

Key Elements to finding your brand, voice, and image for social media marketing:

  • Set Social Media Goals: Are you looking to get more followers? Make sales? Fine-tune what you’re trying to achieve by posting on your social media accounts. Sprout Social has some great points on how to get those goals lined out.
  • Choose your Audience: Can you imagine the ideal person that will be using your product? What age are they? Gender? Occupation? Need more direction? Check out these steps.
  • Create a Content Plan: Use your goal to help you tell a message to your followers throughout the month. Each post coexists with the next to tell the message that you’re trying to spread to the world. Hubspot has so many FREE tools to help!
  • Choose your Platforms: Do some market research to find out what platforms your target audience will be using. Read more.
  • Generate Content: This is the fun part! Start creating content based on the platform, audience, and goals that you’ve set!

These key elements show you where to get started, but the social media journey doesn’t end there. It takes time and effort to build your brand, so continue to strategize, post frequently, and interact with your followers!

“Women still lag behind men in terms of opening up their own businesses.”

Grandy, G., & Culham, A. (2022). 
Women-focused entrepreneurial support organizations: creating change in entrepreneurial ecosystems through building gender capital? 
Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship , 
34 (5), 502–523.

Let’s erase the statistic of women being less likely to start a business. Don’t allow your insecurities to keep you from chasing your dreams! Being a busy businesswoman isn’t easy. You’re not alone. There are other women out there feeling the exact same way you are. So next time you meet a woman working hard to be successful, be supportive. Help each other out.

Feeling inspired to support other women in business like yourself?

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