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Social Media: With great power comes great responsibility

Probably you have heard that line before, if you read comic books that has been a constant theme across the publication history of Spiderman.  They mention that on the movies, so you are forgiven if you do not read comics.  If you did not see the movies, or know the history of the character, he was given a power by chance, and he has the responsibility of using said power in a responsible way for the greater good. You as a student have chosen to learn about a power that when given to you can do so much good, yet can harm as much when misusing the power of Social Media.

Good Guy

Be a Social Media Hero. With great power comes great responsibility.

Be good.

Social Media can be a tool that will open doors to you and give you new opportunities. From being a communicator to expressing your creativity, Social Media can do it all.  But you have the final call on what the content is and what you want to say.  Social Media can be a powerful tool on your hands, and I am pretty sure you have seen how harmful a single tweet can become, it can make you or break you.   I am here to tell you that with the great social media power comes a great responsibility, not only for yourself and your career, but for yours and others.  So don’t be a villain and be aware that your actions may have repercussions.


Bad Guy

Don’t be a bad guy

What to do?

What can you do?  I can give you a list of things you should do and things you should not do, mainly falling under the common sense category.  Think before you post, you may think it is funny, but do you think others will?  What may be funny to you may be offensive to others, what you may think is right might not be right to others.  Probably after graduating, you will land a job interview as a Social Media manager on some firm, there you will have a bigger responsibility, managing a Social Media account for a big firm could be a make it, but what if they do a research into your Social Media history and find unattractive tweets and messages in your tweets, what will you do?

Be responsible.

You cannot erase what you posted, once it’s there it is there forever.  How can you prevent that? Use common sense. Your chosen field lives on a thin line, that thin line is your space to thrive and make the best of it.  Express yourself, represent your firm, use it as a creative outlet.  Just think before you tweet, and be a hero.  Use that great power on a responsible way.

Think before you tweet, these guidelines are not a pre determined set of rules, but some steps that I personally follow before Tweeting or posting it on my Social Media pages:

  • If I find it funny, will others find it funny?
  • Will this be offensive to my followers?
  • Will it come back to haunt me in the future?
  • Does it really represent who I am?
  • Is it a fair representation of my employer?
  • Does it show the image of me that I want to the world?

Be a hero.


Be the best you can be


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