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Social Media Healthcare Metrics: Time To Measure

Do we need to be specific? – Social Media Healthcare Metrics, do they exist?

Part 2 Social Media Metrics and Healthcare

Social Media Healthcare Metric - Did you hear the one about measurable social ROI? From punchline to reality.

In my previous post I encouraged you to think about who are your target audience. Are you B2B or B2C? Based on your findings and conclusion you and your management team will have set a number of objectives and goals that circle around your healthcare organization’s overall business strategy. The ultimate goal is to increase brand awareness, brand engagement and word-of-mouth impact in order to boost revenues.

Goals defined could be

  • Aligned marketing strategy offered up into a single and cohesive social media strategy
  • Aligned approach through all marketing channels
  • Defining of best suited social media channels
  • Favorable & positive online reputation
  • Expanding customer base
  • Engagement
  • Understand market response to new services
  • Statistics and patterns of growth analysis related to the different social media channels

Based on your defined social media strategy goals and overall business objectives you will think of your social media objectives. Remember your objectives fulfill short and long-term goals and have to be realistic and achievable.

Ok, now your management says: we want more revenue and we want to increase reach. Show me how you measure it! What is our return on investment?

Now, here we go:

You have heard about metrics before – you measure something. But what? Depending on your organization and goals your metrics vary please do not forget: social media is not all about the measurement, it is a tool used to foster communication and build a relationship between your target audience.

Social Bakers did ask their marketer community which metrics are the best to monitor social media metrics. Here are their findings:

  • Reach (organic, paid, and viral)
  • Post interactions (Likes, Comments, and Shares)
  • Engagement Rate
  • Click through rates and conversions from each activity
  • Key influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Fan growth and momentum of your page
  • Socially Devoted as a standard for customer service (Response Rate, Response Times)

Please keep in mind that content is important to attract and engage with your audience.  Hence it is important to know that a healthcare social media strategy cannot be solely focused on creating a strong ROI. It is more about the services, products, or information you organization is offering. It has an impact on the lives of the user.

Jennifer Schmidt via Lisa Gualtieri (Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine) also analyzed social media metrics for healthcare organizations. Here are her suggestions:

  1. Brand mentions/ sentiment – increase in mention increase your online presence and reach. Positive or negative sentiment related to key words does impact your recognition. Be aware of what words you choose. Monitor regularly in order to take necessary actions.
  2. Activity ratio – as information change regularly keep your audience engaged through links, activities, or quizzes. It is important to not only “like you” but also to comment, share your information provided throughout your social media channels.
  3. Engagement duration – here the question is how often do users refer to your website/Facebook page or how much time do they spend here. Is your information interesting; do the links provided direct to in-depth information? Is your landing page easy to understand or confusing and users will drop off easily? In the end engagement overrules duration but keep your audience active.
  4. Loyalty – healthcare is all about trust and loyalty. Hence you will want to measure how often users are coming back, do they? If not why not? What content do they find attractive? By knowing this you will be able to adjust your measures properly in order to create a loyal audience.

Now we know what metrics to apply but what tools to I need to measure it? In my next post I will discuss some tools helpful to healthcare social media marketers.

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