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Social Media Marketing: What Are the Future Implications?

Social Media Marketing: What Are the Future Implications?

By Anthony Alarcon (@socialographers)

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Social media already has an impact on every business and non-profit. It transcends whether they are actively participating or not.  Even the small business the survives on walk-ins and word of mouth is impacted by Social Media, todays word of mouth is more and more becoming keyboard to screen.  The sign in the window has become replaced with tweets and post.  Social media marketing is moving to Geo-targeting clients are being tracked through their, phones, watches, cars and glasses.  The battle will be for screen space as marketers try to drive customers to their specials of the day.  Like the big players Amazon, BestBuy’s and others SEO strategies will be more real time than long haul like it is today.  The search engines and social media platforms are moving to being as current as possible.  The special of the day has to post on that day or the value is lost.

The platforms that are on top today may not be relevant tomorrow. Mike Berry on a TED Talks video says users follow the group not the platform.  Look at Facebook it is fighting very hard to carve out its space in the Social Media world.  Right now, it is doing a great job, however it was once the meeting place for college students and hip kids.  It is moving to a family platform and the demographics are getting older and older.  Now these are the people with the deepest pockets so right “now” it is a great place to put an ad.  However, they are micro-managing the site replacing free with paid features like promoting a post by paying a small fee.  Having to, earn your way into the downstream through engagement.  This may have a negative impact as users begin to understand what is going on.

Googles Circles have not really caught on “yet” but a marketer has to keep an eye on it.  Services like Foursquare which is totally local engagement, I have looked at and cannot figure out how to use yet.

The future of Social Media marketing is that client and marketer will be immersed in the process. The vehicle  of the message will be every place the target turns.  Stores will have sensors that read credit cards when you walk in.  ON their watch, phone, computer even tagged on products on TV shows.  Coupons will show up based on the targets behavior.  This is the type of environment the new market will provide to push your wares it may lead buyers and sellers to, miss the good ole days.

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What do you think are the future implications of social media?



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