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Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses: 7 Tips to Grow Your Business

Small businesses – you are in luck! This blog will offer you some tips that you can implement into your marketing strategy. As a small business, you need marketing efforts that will go a long way. Social media provides a powerful tool for outreach that can help get the word out about your business.

Since not every small business has a big budget, I wanted to offer some tips that can truly help small businesses leverage social media for growth.

Take a look at these 7 tips to grow your business:

1.Establish a clear goal before investing too much time

If you want to see your social media efforts support your business’s growth, you must have one (or a few) clear objectives to measure. Perhaps you are looking for new leads. Your goal could be to use social media for lead acquisition. You could then measure the social media success by looking at your audience growth to the post engagement, and then seeing out of the people clicking, what leads came from social. You can do this easily by using trackable links or plugins to your CRM.

2. Create a social media posting content calendar & cadence

These two are important. In order to get traction in social, you must have a consistent cadence per channel developed. And to support that cadence you need content. For a small business, posting on Twitter about 3-5 times per day and the other networks 1-2 is about right. Depending on your goal will depend on the content you post. Remember, social is a place to present yourself as a thought leader so make sure you don’t just push product, product, product. Instead, think of posting 3:1, thought leadership to sales posts. And one other thing – repurposing your content is encouraged on social.

3. Automate your social media efforts – but still listen live

There are reasons why HootSuite and tools like that are so popular – they make it easy to do social media marketing. Once you have a goal, have identified your cadence (how many posts per channel), and you have your content, it is time to schedule them to automate the process. Load up the posts in advance for the week. One word of caution – make sure to check in on your channels every so often to listen. You may have direct messages, mentions, or other opportunities to connect with people live. Automating your messages will allow you to work smarter, not harder, allowing you to meet growth goals without the manpower.

4. Focus your efforts on select social media networks

It isn’t advised for any company, large or small, to jump into all social media channels right out of the gates. First, check to see what channels your competitors are on. Next, select the top 3 channels that you have the most opportunity to meet your goal – where can you capitalize on your audience. Once you’ve selected your channels, work to monitor their success. You may find after a while one social channel isn’t helping to meet your growth goals. At that time, it may be worth trying another – or doubling down on an existing one.

5. Don’t just post – HUNT for the right audience

Posting is only part of using social media for growth. But in order to actually reach goals, you must have the right people interacting with your social media content. Taking 1-2 hours per week to hunt, or find new people, is a must. A few ways you can hunt are by going to your competitor’s followers and following ones that seem like they fit your ideal personas or using search phrases like “Director of Marketing” and connecting with people that have those titles.

6. Incorporate some paid efforts to compliment your organic

Paid social has many advantages and needs to complement your organic efforts. The first advantage is that there is hyper-targeted segmenting available. You can show ads just to your ideal audience (and pick up a lookalike audience for future campaigns). Next, it really doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get some decent traction off $250 per month. So in addition to sending out your organic posts and hunting for the right people, run some targeted ads that will compliment both efforts and help accelerate your growth goals.

7. Create a community for your customers

I saved the best for last. The best way to use social when you are a small business is to get your customers ACTIVE on there. The more user generated content you can have created by your customers becoming true advocates, the better. They will help you grow your business simply by word-of-mouth. So you can create a customer service handle on social, you can encourage them to post and interact, as well as share content, and you can reward them for doing so. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your customers active on your networks.

Social media may be one of the best (and most affordable) ways a small business can reach their growth goals. Now it is time to get started. Use this blog as a checklist to begin using social media to drive growth for your company.

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