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How Often Should I Post on Social Media for My Small Business?

The quick answer is, It depends on your audience and platform you are posting content to regularly

You are reviewing your user analytics from previous social media posts on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles and scratch your head as to why some content is being read, shared, or ignored.  

Well, there is no silver bullet answer to help with all of these questions but here are some general guidelines that you can review and use to analyze your current strategies on these platform:  

  • Instagram Tips: Develop daily stories and regular posts can boost engagement and interaction with your followers and will encourage sharing by those users. 
  • Facebook Tips: Less is more. Posting once a day is enough. If you over post, your customers will disengage and possibly unfollow your Facebook profile 
  • Twitter Tips: Work on scheduling multiple Tweets per day, at times you know your audience is online. This will take some further analysis of your followers, but you can track the success as you adjust your Twitter profile posting schedule. 
  • LinkedIn Tips: Review the types of content and the format of your content. Try and share helpful content to fellow business owners in the same industry several times a week and note that video content (even reused video content) is effective on LinkedIn. 

By analyzing your current practices and experimenting with new practices that follow these guidelines, you should see your engagement increase with each campaign. 

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