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When a small business is in the beginning process of their marketing there are many strategies to consider. One strategy to consider that can have an impact on the business and their overall growth is social media. Social media has been such a great outlet for businesses to be able to reach their target audience experience growth.

When consumers are looking to purchase research is the first step. Personally, if I am looking to buy something I search the object that I want and I look into businesses that offer the same services. When I come across a small business that does not engage with their audience, does not provide quality images and does not have a good marketing strategy I am less likely to spend money with that business. Consumers are looking for businesses that they can trust. There are also guides available for small businesses. Check out, for some tips.

5 Tips to consider!

  1. Figure out your target
  2. Figure out how you want your business to be perceived
  3. Curate quality content
  4. Come up with a schedule
Planning Your Content

Audience is important. Every business has an audience. This is their target. For example there is an audience that follows and enjoys the services and goods that they can get at Starbucks and there is also an audience that enjoys the services and goods that they can get from Dunkin Donuts. Each company curates effective campaigns to reach their desired audience. The marketing campaigns may be seen by much more than the target but if curated correctly the target will always engage. Understanding the audience makes it easier to create effective marketing campaigns.

Perception and the public eye view is also important. Businesses are focused on this because they want to be able to control the perception of their company. If a company claims that they are vegan it is important that their products and goods are not tested on animals and do not contain animal products, otherwise they will be destroyed in the media for not being honest. The perception is important and must be honest and valid.

Quality content is extremely important. Starting off as a small business it is important to make sure that everything in relation to media and marketing is done in the best way possible. When people are looking to invest in a new company or purchase something from a smaller business they want to feel like they are working with professionals. It is important that the content that is being released is professional and of quality. This will encourage people to purchase and support.

Scheduling, is key. When creating content it is important that there is a schedule for when content should be released for public viewing. With no schedule it is difficult to remain consistent, organized and up to date. A schedule makes the timeline and content flow and the target audience/customer understands when to expect a release of information.

Lastly, engage engage engage! Your audience is ready and willing to support. They are interested in your product but may have questions, they may have suggestions or even want to send motivating and uplifting messages. When your audience feels like you engage, pay attention and understand their needs they are more likely to repeat their support of your business.

In conclusion it is important to follow those 5 tips when starting your social media presence as a small business. Those 5 tips will encourage growth, will help the business to expand, create a digital footprint and become a company that is viewed as reliable and worthy.

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