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Social Selling Recommendations from Someone who Failed and Learned

Hello & Welcome. You can tell from the title, that I will be giving social selling recommendations. Consider these recommendations or a how-to guide from someone that failed at it. That got your attention didn’t it? Although it was my company, the parent company I was with had a lot of restrictions. However, the reason I didn’t do well was more than that. I didn’t have my ducks in a row or a plan. I just thought oh this selling on social media thing is going to be a piece of cake! Although I failed, I learned. I looked into what I did wrong and how I could have been better. Not only did I do this, but I found my joy and passion in social media again.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
  • So, let’s discuss what you need to do:
    • Mission Statement
    • Choose your platform(s)
    • Vulnerability/transparency/Community
    • Consistency
    • Have fun

Mission Statement

Think of this as your why. Why are you trying to sell (insert product here)? Why are you choosing social media versus an actual store? This can be anything from trying to support your family, purchase a new car, take a vacation or even going back to school. Then apply your why and think about it while working on anything pertaining to the business. Let your followers know why you are doing this. Be vulnerable, open and transparent with them. They are following you for a reason, let them get to know you!

Now you can choose your platform(s). My top choice on platforms are Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay
  • Facebook:
    • With Facebook, you can create a page or group to advertise your products.
    • Your group would be the location for your diehard fans, ones that always want to see your content and what you’re up to.
    • This would be a great place for you to showcase yourself, your products, answer questions, having fun, being creative and interacting with your members.
    • On your business page, is where you can create advertisements, and have tools available to see how well those advertisements worked.
    • With Facebook, you can also go live no matter how many followers you have.
  • Instagram:
    • Great for posting pictures—whether it is of yourself, your family, your pets or your products.
    • With this platform, you want to make sure your pictures are vibrant and not blurry.
    • Your picture is your main focus and if people can’t see what you are trying to show them, they are going to scroll on by.
    • Use hashtags to get extra attention on your posts, but don’t go crazy- like you don’t need 15 hashtags in one post.
  • TikTok:
    • This platform is growing and only continuing to get popular.
    • This is the place for short videos, and if you have enough followers, you can also go live.
    • If you’re not the best at taking videos or don’t like them, get ready because this is not a platform you want to sleep on.
    • It’s actually the most downloaded social app worldwide, thank you Mr. Patel. (P.S if you’re not following him for some great tips & information, you definitely need to be)
    • Incorporate hashtags into your posts.
    • Use filters, sounds or music to boost your posts.
    • Search trending hashtags and use them!

Create business pages separate from your personal accounts- when you take off do you want an assistant to have access to your personal page? (Hint: I wouldn’t)

  • With a separate business page on Facebook, you can:
    • Create posts and advertisements
    • Track those posts/advertisements
    • Give access to others to help manage the page

Consistency, Transparency & Vulnerability

Finally, after you know why you are selling your products and you have chosen your platforms, it’s time to post. You want to make sure that you are posting often. There are many calendars that can help you post consistently and also track how they are doing. Hootsuite is an excellent resource! Ensure that you are transparent with your customers and followers. If you are having delays or technical issues- let them know.

Don’t be a pushy sales person and only focus on sales, create posts to make a sale or even only message people for a sale. You need to focus on more than sales or you will drive yourself crazy (trust me- been there and beep beep drove that bus!) Form a community with your followers. Facebook is actually looking for more community engagement. If you are only pushing sales and not interaction/community, your posts may not be shown to many people.

Final Thoughts: Have fun. Be you. Be consistent and form a community. Don’t just chase a sale. So, what platform do you plan on using?

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