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Stories Wield Tremendous Power being Branded Content

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Storytime with Grandpa

Historically, stories were kept alive through word of mouth and began over 40,000 years ago. Storytelling attract people because we are social beings and stories are a fantastic way to relate to others. Stories trigger neurological responses in people. Notable stories invoke emotions, activating areas in the brain related to “speech, empathy, and even pain.” Stories can also be tremendous motivators, by planting ideas into our heads”. Not only do stories with happy endings release dopamine, leaving listeners hopeful and optimistic, but it also causes the viewer to connect emotionally with different brands. Without a doubt, brands that can tell a great story wield great power.

Namely, Levi Strauss & Co. did an excellent job of sharing their brand story. The company designed jeans to provide miners with durable pants while working in the mines during the Gold Rush. They initially constructed the jeans using tent canvas, and later the company replaced the tent canvas with denim and copper rivets to secure their pocketed seams. The company has positioned itself as the leading jean brand.

Benefits of Incorporating Storytelling into Content Marketing

  • They can aid in building brand awareness.
  • Some stories aid in building relationships.
  • They can create content exciting and engaging.

Undoubtedly, stories are no longer solely part of the Public Relations department. As a result, the future of the marketing department is half marketing and half publishing (Pulizzi, 2012). As the marketing industry witnesses an evolution with more emphasis on content marketing, storytelling is an excellent tool to include in the strategy.

Ways to Incorporate Storytelling into Your Content Strategy

  • Learn from other talented storytellers. Study other successful stories, and identify what elements resonate with you most.
  • Altogether, remove the sales pitch and tell your story. A remarkable story will build trust and give the brand more credibility. Take the time to hone in on what sets your brand apart from the others and tell your truth.
  • Utilize different media to tell your story. Take advantage of re-purposing your message in blog posts, reels/stories, and videos.

Everyone Has A Story

Thus, everyone has a story that they can tell—even you. The stories vary from the differentiation story, the customer experience story, the founder’s story, and the value story. What story will you choose to tell for your brand?

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