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The future of Social Media Artificial Intelligence Impact for Nonprofits


Social Media Trends Today

Nonprofit Leaders, it is imperative that your organization continue to have the ability to provide services. Exploration of new social media trends to tell your story is important for growth.

Nonprofit Exploration of Artificial Intelligence

It is a new year, time to reevaluate the marketing plans. Are you using social media how can gains in engagement, responses, contributions or losses of contributions be achieved?  After evaluation, what are nonprofits options? Review social media marketing trends of other charitable organizations using successfully?   Optimum social media marketing trends of 2019 will suite the nonprofit organization.

Artificial Intelligence Defined

What is Artificial Intelligence —it is the ability of a computer or a computer-controlled robot to perform a task usually associated with intelligent beings. An example is Google’s self-driving car, taking command of the driving activities and process of a human driving a car.

Reviewing current trends, consider embracing Artificial Intelligence, Video Engagement, Chatbots, Facebook spaces, and Influencer marketing. This article will focus on Nonprofit Organizations embracing Artificial Intelligence as a powerful tool to use.

The Impact of AI Chatbots for Nonprofits

Artifical Intelligence has become increasingly more common in our everyday lives. Chatbots pop up more and more. There are endless ways for nonprofits to incorporate chatbots ranging from fundraising to their online clientele to handling social media.

Several reasons Nonprofit leaders should explore Chatbots:

  • May answer frequently asked questions directly and rapidly
  • Aid in the reduction of overhead of administration cost
  • Improve all fundraising
  • Supplementary support for the Website
  • Vital research supported within the organization on user experience

Example Automate–Chatbot

 Yeshi Charity using Social Media Artificial Intelligencea nonprofit that works for clean, safe drinking water. Yeshi’s bot takes the visitor through a virtual experience who walks for hours to gather water for her family in Africa.   Yeshi Charity bot can handle donations via Facebook Messenger with the trigger words “donate or register.”

Now step into the future embrace Artificial Intelligence.

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