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The New “Normal”

COVID-19…the reason many things are changing around us whether for the good or bad. We have faced many negative encounters with this global pandemic from total shutdowns, continuous masks worn, homeschooling, etc. But when it comes to marketing, it actually provides many opportunities and leverage for small business success. It is said COVID-19 has changed the way people consume products and services. Here are the following ways the global pandemic has made a lasting change in the world that has affected marketing:

  1. Internet usage up by 50-70%
  2. Virtual meetings and seminars
  3. Higher screen time tolerance

 “To keep up with these consumption changes, brands that can need to double down on their engagement efforts. Ultimately, some brands will survive the pandemic; others won’t. That means you may need to revisit your approach to organic traffic.” -John Hall

So, Who Understands?

TBH (to be honest), I don’t think any business has a choice right now but to conform to the new norm of social media marketing. When it comes to small businesses, some are still adapting while some found ease in the conformity. Let’s take a look at a small business that survived in hopes of it being a source to learn from and follow the same successful path.

Happy Cork

This wine store opened up in March 2019 and has been struggling until coronavirus hit and demands for bottles by the case were requested through online sales. On top of it all, the notion of protests over police brutality and systemic racism rocked the city and nation, demand for products from Black-owned businesses — Happy Cork’s specialty — increased as well. Ms. Foss (owner) has doubled her staff and gained shoppers from all over the country often drawn in by her prolific social media posts. She has proudly reported her business has now blown past the sales projections she mapped out when it opened!

Takeaway from Happy Cork: relevant social media content, purpose-driven marketing

Final Thoughts on the New Norm

Overall, small businesses have the most work to do compared to bigger businesses who have an advantage to easily recover financially. Back to what I mentioned in the beginning, COVID-19 has created obstacles in staffing, legal risks and lockdowns, and financial downfalls. This is the time for small businesses to take on the opportunity to focus on online engagement and a stronger social media presence. For those social media marketers having trouble figuring out what to actually post all the time, I present to you a guideline from Hootsuite to start you off:

Shout out to all the small business owners! Was this helpful? Like and comment if you think so and want more examples of small businesses that has survived and conquered. #snhusmm #thenewnormal

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