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Three Easy Steps For Small Business Social Media Success | How and why small businesses can implement their own social media strategy

Today, almost everyone has some kind of social media account — including businesses. To ignore social media‚Äôs impact on everyday life as a business would be a huge mistake. As a small business, engaging customers and potential customers is imperative to building business. Social media is the way to engage others and listen to what others are saying about your company. Creating and implementing a social media strategy that focuses on brand awareness is one way small businesses can use social media as a way to build business.


Select a social media outlet. This comes along with knowing your audience and what social media outlets they use. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are some of the most popular. Remember, pick a couple to use and use them well. There is no need to have a dozen social media accounts. Remember: Your audience dictates which site(s) to use.

Produce shareable content. When using social media, remember to speak in everyday people terms. Create original content that is supportive of the brand. Images and blogs posted should resonate with the readers. If dull or unengaging posts are made, then it is likely that they will be ignored. Never post anything in vain! Everything should be meaningful, purposeful and planned.

Create contests. One way small businesses can use social media to gain brand awareness is through contests. Creating a social media contest is a great way to connect with others, increase visibility and even gain potential new customers. For example, every year Doritos holds a contest where people create a commercial and upload it to YouTube for people to vote. The prize varies but the grand prize is $1 million dollars. Doritos creates contest to have users generate brand content for free.

Overall, small businesses should make social media priority. Finding ways to create a buzz about the business is time consuming, but it will pay off in the long run. Being diligent and using the most appropriate social media outlet to relate to others is key to building brand.

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