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Three Ideas to Increase Brand Engagement for Small Businesses

You can’t deny that social media has completely changed the way small businesses interact with customers. Social media has become increasingly important in terms of online marketing tools, and they consider or use social media for their brand’s voice and content. Are you are a small business owner who has yet to launch your business page on social media or have considered creating one? Do not worry! This blog can help as a guide to help increase and create brand engagement for your small business pages.

1. An Idea for social media platform for small businesses

Small businesses should consider having both Facebook and Instagram business accounts. Both of these platforms can be used together with the same content, especially pictures.
Facebook: A must have for every business! Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform with nearly 2.2 billion monthly active users according to Wikipedia.  If people want to find out more about your business, there will be a high possibility to search Facebook first!
Instagram: If your target audience is targeting consumers aged 18-49 years, Facebook is the social platform for your business. If your business has a visual or physical product, Instagram will perfect for your businesses. You need to create high-quality images to attract new users to your page and their attention.

Facebook, Brand

2. An idea for creating and design picture posts for increased brand engagement

Facebook: People do not read on Facebook! To maximize engagement with your posts, you’ll need to quickly and easily communicate how your followers can participate.

Facebook Reaction Poll Post: A “Like” vs. “Love” picture post can be a good idea for businesses who want followers to engage with your brand by asking their opinion in the picture. One post offers two different options. A follower can “Like” the post to vote for option 1 or “Love” the post for option 2.

Instagram: Instagram puts a heavy emphasis on visual content like photos. There are many creative ideas for posting pictures on Instagram, such as reposting ideas from fans and followers. Content containing pictures can help increase engagement. The concept of this would be to choose the best picture of your brand’s products to post on Instagram to your fans and followers. For example, Daniel Wellington, a watch brand, uses a picture for their followers to do reposts in a new caption.

Instagram, Brand

3. An idea for creating and designing Video post (Facebook and Instagram Stories) for increased engagement

Instagram and Facebook recently added story options on both of their platforms. Stories let you take multiple pictures and/or video’s and put them in into a “story” that will disappear after 24 hours. Small businesses should try new features because stories allow businesses to tell a richer story, introduce a new product or provide a guide to the product of the brand. This video is intriguing because it explains how to implement story content for business.


Do you have any question about creating pictures and video post? Or would to share your experiences and ideas? Please, feel free to comment below!


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