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The Juggling Game: Time Management On Social Media

Social media has become a full time job. For most of us this is literal.

We manage multiple networks for different clients every day that all require special attention. As soon as you feel as if you’ve caught up with one, another needs your attention. It may feel like all the balls will fall, but there are different options available to help.

Juggling social media can be hard. But with a few times and tricks you'll have things under control in no time.

Juggling social media can be hard. But with a few times and tricks you’ll have things under control in no time.


Sometimes, it requires a program:

  • There are multitudes of programs online (both free and not) that allow all of the social networks that you need to see be available in one place. If you haven’t already, I highly suggest signing up for one. Programs such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Buffer all offer time saving options for social media management. Each program allows the user to view any number of dashboards all in one spot.
  • Keeping track of hashtags becomes even more of a hassle than just running a social media network sometimes. Real time trackers such as Hshtags and Keyhole allow users to instantly find hashtags across networks all at once. And if you feel at a loss as to what hashtags to use Hashtagify¬†offers users a unique view into related hashtags to see what works best or could potentially be used to reach a new audience
  • If you’ve ever had a client ask for reports about the current state of their networks, you know the amount of work that goes into trying to do the analysis by hand. If you haven’t, well, you’re lucky! There are currently a few different reliable tools available to analyze all of the data for you. With or without a budget you do have some options, including SumAll and Socialight¬†which both offer free and paid analytics.

And sometimes, it just requires a quick reminder:

  • Set aside time. We all have a lot on our to-do lists but the best way to manage time is to schedule it and stick to the schedule. This could mean filling out a calendar on your phone or using a free app such as Wunderlist. Either way, this means your schedule is always with you to keep you on top of your game.
  • Define your goals and strategize. Tell yourself exactly what you want to accomplish and make it happen. Make sure that everything you’re doing works towards that goal, and if you find yourself going off track, correct you path. The best way to completely a goal is to break everything down into smaller tasks.
  • Even though social media doesn’t sleep, you have to. It’s okay to take breaks. Spending time-off checking social media accounts for clients will only cause more stress. Learning to separate work time from free time becomes easier.


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