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LinkedIn tips for personal branding

CC_Linkedin-1-Creative-commons-300x214-25436_238x214Companies are spending millions of marketing dollars on online branding to make sure they stand out amongst their competition.  This is no different for an individual wanting to stand out in a crowd for potential job opportunities and business adventures.  Online personal branding is needed to link to individuals and companies worldwide.

Building relationships and maintaining them is key.  According to LinkedIn reports in 2013 there is approximately over 225 million users in over 200 countries and territories (Wikipedia, 2013).  Anyone interested in connecting with professionals in their field can benefit by using the powerful tools and features that LinkedIn has to offer.

Here are a few great tips on personal branding with LinkedIn:

  • Include a professional image or picture that represents you or the company.
    • Include a headline with what you do your professional name.
    • Describe yourself to others in your summary what makes you different from the competition.
    • Write a proper description in details and include twitter feed, links of your blog posts
    • Have an updated resume that will express what your strengths, benefits and professional experiences are including educational and skills.
    • Show personal and professional portfolios including degrees, certifications and accomplishments.
    • Follow and join conversations that will connect you with similar interests.
    • Add recommendations with your milestones and from your job experiences
    • Keep relevant by updating the resume with SEO practices by updating keywords in the headlines, job titles, people and in the summary areas.

How to get, keep and update on LinkedIn by using the advanced features and tools:

    • Categorize your connections by location, position, company, interests or affiliations.
    • Integrating Twitter with LinkedIn by using the app called Tweets with hashtag #in on Twitter feeds which avoids overloading of Twitter updates in your LinkedIn account.
    • Follow companies, groups and influencers that you pick and choose.
    • Tagging people of interest by category.  You can send a group email to everyone in a specific category.
    • Create a list of people in the same industry.
    • Follow the influencers that you are inspired by in your personal life.
    • Make connections to companies and groups that open the doors to opportunities.

Overall when it comes to using a great social media site such as LinkedIn its important to make sure to check out their help link that explains in further details how to understand all the tools that are available on LinkedIn to utilize them to its maximum capacity so that your personal image stays relevant in today’s competitive job market.

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