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The past few weeks, I have been exploring monitoring tools and was able to analyze trending topics and conversations related to a non-profit I have been researching, Bodo Blankets. Bodo Blankets is focused on the “one for one” concept and leverages consumer purchasing power to provide sustainable benefits to society. was founded on the following three core values, which are charity, green initiatives and domestic focused (Bodo Blankets, Inc., 2009)” This effort has been instrumental in assisting to build a sustainable viable community, that assists the US workforce in jobs as well as overall life and serves as a strong cause marketing platform.

The new tool I have found allows me to connect with key areas of interest relative to a non-profit and one to one giving, by viewing trending topics on Twitter.  The ability to organize the flow of information, was extremely beneficial for this newbie’s world.

Monitoring Tool- Twitterfall

Usage: This clever website allows  me to track the major “trending topics” for non-profit marketing by presenting tweets in a waterfall-like cascade that tumbles down my page. Better still, it allows users to filter tweets by keyword or topic, enabling them to track the things that matter to them. There’s even a geo-location tool built in to the site, so that you can narrow tweets on a particular topic to within a set radius of your home or office or cause.

Patterns– I selected 10 Twitter feeds to follow, specifically focused on social good.  The topics of discussions all surround cause related marketing, nonprofits and organizations performing social good.  All discuss daily updates, provide links that connect followers to larger scale campaigns and updates relative to creating good throughout the world.

Tone Real people and corporations utilizing a genuine approach to change the world through feeds and updates which represent pressing issues in cause related marketing with tones of inspiration, passion and motivation.

Brand Emergence with consumers—Bodo Blankets has not been on the list, but many One for One companies are mentioned (Tom’s). This is due to resources or the lack of for Bodo Blankets, in truly establishing a connection with its community.

The results provided significant insights related to how Bodo Blankets should be positioned on Twitter.  Based on its cause related focus, Bodo Blankets must be genuine, but yet compelling and inspiring.  They must be able to connect and motivate people not only to buy, but to further the cause.

Twitterfall allowed for important insights and showcased a similar brand (Tom’s) which has been successful in gaining awareness and support through Twitter. As Beth Kanter, Social Blogger for non-profits noted “Social media is beginning to transform non-profits both in the way they work as well as their relationships with constituents.

In the end, Twitterfall is like a Google search tool for the Twitterverse, allowing you to control and monitor your own virtual planet.


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