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Top 5 Tips for Non-Profit posting on Instagram


5 Tips for using Instagram for you Non-Profit!

Social media is ever changing, and the importance for companies to use social media is growing in importance. Instagram is one of the most popular social sites with 300 million users monthly  Instagram provides your non-profit business exposure to new and potentially interested followers. Instagram can help you share your company with people all over the world. Some important tips for being successful on Instagram is follows:

#1 Fully Commit-Post everyday

It’s easy to get excited to start posting on Instagram and then lose momentum. The key is to have a schedule of what you will post and when. Your followers may lose interest if you don’t post every day or at the very least every week.

#2 Quality and Variety

It’s important to have high-quality images as well as a variety of different kinds of content. You can post pictures of people your helping, events, your staff or even text quotes. But make sure you have a good variety; your followers may get bored with the same kind of pictures every time.

#2 Tell a story

Your non-profit has a story, share it with you followers. Tell them why you started your non-profit and how your non-profit helps people from suffers of cancer to homeless families. People will be interested in your cause if they know more background of why your non-profit was created.

#3 Use hashtags!

Know which hashtags are popular in your niche and use them all the time! You can usually gain new followers by using hashtags that others use. Using popular hashtags will exposure you posts to new, potentially interested people.

#4 Engage your audience.

Start following people with similar interests as your company. While you gain followers, you should start engaging with your followers photos by liking, and commenting on their posts. The more you engage, the more they may engage with you

#5 Use call to action

Posting on Instagram is awesome, but you have to add a call to action to get people moving. It’s also important to put your website on your Instagram profile because you can’t post active links on your Instagram post. You can post a website on your post but your followers won’t be able to click on it.

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