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Twitter Chats: Expand your knowledge and build your brand.

Have you heard the word of the bird? Considering there are about 328 million monthly active users on twitter and around 500 million tweets every day. I think the word of the bird is out. How does one build their brand on twitter? Looking for a way to engage with like-minded individuals in your field?

Look no further than Twitter chats!Twitter, word of the bird

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is an online networking event, except for this one there’s no need to dawn your best business outfit! Get as comfy as you would like, no one going to see you, so break out those bunny slippers. Chats happen at pre-determined times to discuss a topic that is designated by a hashtag. With each chat, there is a host or moderator, who will ask questions to get the chat going to spark engagement from its participants.

How does it work?

Participating in a chat is really easy, but be prepared to type and read fast as most chats only last an hour.

When participating in a chat it’s important to remember just with every other type of networking event it’s important to be respectful and professional. Most chats follow a Q&A format, where the host or moderator will ask a question participants to answer that will spark a discussion.

Question numbers will be dictated in the form of Q1, Q2, Q3…etc. each tweet will have the twitter chat hashtag. When answering a question participants should form there answer starting with A1, A2, A3, etc. ending with the designated hashtag.

Twitter chat example.

Example of how to form your tweets during a chat.

The hashtag allows participants to track the conversation, and show who is participating. It’s important to engage with your fellow participants by liking, re-tweeting, and responding.

Tools to make participating easy:

These tools will help a participant follow the fast-moving chat easier then just using twitter alone on a desktop or on a mobile. Tools that track the hashtag and show it as one feed are useful in following the conversation without missing a question.

Pro Tip- Use a desktop when participating in a twitter chat, while it can be done on a mobile through the twitter application, it’s much harder to follow the questions and conversation on the mobile application.

How to find twitter chats.– has a great list of chats based on their topic and date and time. This site even includes descriptions.

Madalyn Sklar– The queen of twitter chats who host #Twittersmarter every week has list of a number of different chats that happen throughout the week on her website.

Tips for first time chatters:

  • Listen before you jump in
  • Follow the lead of the host
  • Don’t promote or sell
  • Don’t be offensive or negative
  • Do proofread your tweets
  • Follow up with connections
  • Share insights and be friendly
  • Use the hashtag!

Now that you have the tools to twitter chat like a pro, get on out there and find a chat and share your knowledge!

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