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3 Tips to Grow Your Small Business on Social Media

Are you a small business owner that’s still trying to decide if it is worth it to develop a social media strategy on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter? This article will explain why these sites aren’t only for their social capabilities but also professional ones. Let’s explore how it can benefit you.

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As a small business owner, using social media connects you with ideal customers and makes your company stand out from the crowd. Many businesses have already integrated some type of social media strategy into their marketing arsenal. However, most of these companies don’t know how to leverage their social media profiles so that they will translate into sales and revenues to grow their business.

Here are some tips for leveraging social media to grow your business:

Understand your social media goals

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is jumping into social media without a clear plan. Skipping this step is a waste of time or a potential recipe for a PR disaster. To benefit from social media, you need to build a set of clearly defined goals you want to achieve. Take a step back and ask yourself, “What are my objectives?” Do you want to create or raise awareness about your brand? Do you want to engage with your customers? Are you looking to drive traffic to your website and increase sales? Is your goal to gain customer insight for marketing purposes? Once you figure out what your objectives are, then you can start planning.

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Define target audience

Now that you understand your goals, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll achieve those goals. A successful social media strategy is all about connecting with or targeting the right people. To do this, you need to define your target audience. You can do this by creating detailed lists of buyer personas (a profile of your ideal customers). Start by including customer demographics, and then consider their behavior patterns, and motivations.

Defining your target audience allows you to:

  • Identify customers’ likes and dislikes
  • Differentiate among customers and acknowledge that everyone isn’t interested in the same things
  • Customize products, services, and advertisements to meet consumers’ need
  • Engage consumers on a deeper level
  • Generate leads

By tailoring products or services to meet consumer needs, you are more likely to increase sales, consumer satisfaction, and consumer loyalty.

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Be Consistent

Too often, small business owners set up a Facebook page or a Twitter account, post consistently for a couple weeks, and then abruptly stop when they get too busy. To avoid this scenario, make a daily time commitment to help keep you accountable. Aim to post daily or at least once a week to keep your company relevant. If you don’t post online frequently you run the risk of losing followers, and customers could view your company in a negative light. Creating a strong social media presence is no doubt a daunting task, but consistency is key! Be consistent and you will reap all the benefits social media has to offer.

Most importantly, engage your audience! Give them a reason to want to want to support your brand.

What other tips do you recommend for growing a business on social media? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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