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Using Google Analytics for Content Ideation

google-analytics-logoHow you run your small business is important, and your online presence should be designed to increase awareness of your brand. Content marketing is a great way to build this online presence, but not all small business owners have the time, skills, or desire to be content creators.

There are many ways to make content ideation easier, and some of them come directly from your customers! Google Analytics is one example of this. With Google Analytics, you can:

  • Harvest search data to identify what people are looking for
  • Identify how people are finding your site and how you can create content to optimize Google searches
  • Find your most popular content so you can make more of it

First things first!
Let’s pretend you own a landscaping business and want to increase your online presence. You have a website for your company, The Grass is Greener. Your website,, has Google Analytics installed on it (this is essential for any website, so if you don’t have it installed, look into it). Here are some ways we could use content marketing to your digital (and financial!) advantage, by pulling ideas from Google Analytics.

Give the people what they want
A great data point to look at is ‘Search Terms,’ which will tell you what people are searching for while browsing your website. Are people looking for ways to make their grass greener? Then write up a post about that specifically. If they’re searching for “natural weed removal,” then write up an article about how they can easily kill weeds using natural methods/ingredients. Useful content like this will draw in more users as it strengthens those existing search terms.

Build trust through content
You can get an idea of what people search Google for immediately before clicking on your site. Maybe people are searching for “weed solutions” often, which then leads them to your site. Even though your company wants to do the weed removal for them (and get paid for it), offering content to help them out is a great source of free PR and builds trust through content. It also increases interaction with your site and clicks via search engines, which in turn strengthens your standing in search results. These impacts provide benefits beyond helping the customer who is reading the post/article.

Make more of a good thing
Monitor the content on your site, noting your most popular pages. This is a great way of identify what’s working on your site. From the most popular items, you can develop ideas that are related to them and thus carry some likelihood of being as popular, or more.

It’s free, go get it!
Google Analytics is a free tool that’s pretty easy to use. Be sure to take full advantage of it and use its data to create valuable content marketing ideas. Good luck!

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