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Using Pinterest for Small Businesses

Pinterest is quickly taking over as being the best option for people to kill time between appointments and in downtime; creating a business account with Pinterest increases your visibility for more customers.


Growing Popularity with Pinterest

As Pinterest grows in popularity is becomes a much better option for small businesses to not only get their products out there for people to see but also for their name to be better known. The key with Pinterest is to not only have great pictures but also to have clear and informative descriptions to with them.

Business Benefits

Many of us already use Pinterest in our personal lives for projects, recipes, and any other ideas that we can think of to do but how much do we know about what is offered for businesses on Pinterest?

Pinterest allows you verify your site as credible and encourage more people to visit because of your site being shown as safe.

  • After you create your account you can add the pin it button to your site and you can change which pin it button style you want to use.
  • Pinterest offers analytics, much like Google Analytics, to help business owners see what their most popular pins are and what their viewers are interested in other than their pins.

Here’s a video that shows you a little more about what Pinterest Analytics can do for you and your business. They tell you about a downloadable guide with more detail into how Analytics works at the end of the video but you can also find it in the link above.

These tools that Pinterest has for their business accounts helps owners to better understand their own customers and viewers. They also have guides that show how to better post your pins for the most repins – which allow for greater visibility for their website. With this greater visibility there is a higher percentage of customers actually making a purchase from those stores that show up in the search – more so than in newsfeeds from other social media like Facebook as shown in this graph.

fb vs pinterest


All in all if you are trying to get more traffic to your site in a way that will grab the attention of viewer and potential customers, Pinterest is a great option that allows for easily tracking your stats and a little insight into whose attention you capture online. This is something that you should consider for your business to get the greater visibility with customers with a higher likelihood of a purchase from those customers.

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