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Want your content to be more shareable? Try memes!

By Chris Renshaw

Why do we want our content to be more shareable? Putting in the work and getting someone to check out your blog post is a wonderful thing. Seeing the numbers and knowing that each number is a person who has at least seen your content. Plus, you get the gratification that your SEO/Social Media strategy is working – someone found your post! 

What could be better than this?

However, even better than direct traffic is the referral traffic. Referral traffic is when someone shares your content on their own social media, allowing others to be exposed to it. You can have the best content in the world, but you need it to be shareable. Otherwise, you’ll only ever affect those in your immediate sphere of influence (plus those you get through SEO).

How can we do that? Memes!

Wait, what?

If you don’t know what a meme is, Webster’s defines it as a humorous picture or item that quickly spreads through social media. Chances are, you’ve seen a meme before, you just might not have known that’s what it is called. Basically, memes are the internet’s version of “inside jokes” – things you don’t understand unless you are submerged in that culture. We just want to do is tag onto that popularity and use it to help us. These memes are easily shareable, which is how they spread so quickly. By tailoring memes to your content, you now have images to use to increase interest in your content!

If you are having trouble engaging with younger generations, then memes become even more important. Some studies show that Americans in the 16-29 range share memes and other visual content over twice as much as other age groups. By using memes to poke fun at yourself or even your industry, you can show that you are a person, not a faceless brand.

So how do I do this?

There’s several ways to go about this, but I find the best way is to use the app “Mematic”. We want to make our own custom versions A) So it is original content and not stealing someone else’s work and B) So it relates to our content and not just for laughs. After writing your content, go back through and use Mematic to see if there’s any of the popular memes that could be altered to fit your content. You can always Google “popular memes” or even look on Reddit if you need some inspiration. Then, alter the captions to fit your content and there you go!

Here are a couple of examples. In this article, I talk about a popular board game “Wingspan” and how it was unavailable in many places and I thought stores were not reacting in the best way to this popularity. Thus, I used this meme I made:

Using a shareable meme to illustrate the craze surrounding a board game

Memes also have the benefit of providing some sarcastic/self-deprecating humor to your content. Next time you are talking about an intense subject, try injecting a couple of memes to help “lighten the load”.

Have you tried using memes in your content? Which memes in general are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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