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Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit From Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most prominent and effective social media strategies that a business can currently use to address a target market, grow a brand, and meet certain goals and objectives. As time progresses, more small businesses are turning to influencer marketing to enhance their social media marketing campaigns and are seeing success in these marketing efforts.

For small businesses, it is important to understand what tier social media influencer is appropriate for the specific goal the business is trying to achieve. There are five types of social media influencers: nano, micro, mid-tier, macro, and mega.  Understanding the budget and business objectives of a campaign will allow small businesses to determine which type of influencer is the best option for them.

Here’s How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Each Type of Influencer:

Nano Influencers

Nano influencers will always play a significant role in the success of a social media campaign because they add an element of authenticity. Oftentimes, people feel like they can trust someone promoting a product or service that only has 1K-10K followers more than someone with 1 million followers. Small businesses can benefit from collaborating with Nano influencers because it’s cost effective and will help increase their engagement. If we compare the engagement rate of a mega influencer vs. nano influencer, we can see that nano influencers have a significantly higher engagement rate than macro influencers. The average engagement rate for a mega influencer is 1.97%, while nano influencers see an engagement rate of 5.60%.

Micro Influencers

Similar to Nano influencers, Micro Influencer has the ability to provide small businesses a smaller audience that is highly active and more likely to see what is being advertised. This type of influencer typically has 10K-50K followers and has enough influence that can be beneficial for any small business. The goals that a business is trying to reach can determine if a micro influencer is the better option over a nano influencer.The level of loyalty and degree of volume also increases as the tier of the influencer increases, so this may also be a reason for a small business to chose a micro infuencer over a nano influencer. This is also a cost effect option these influencers charge less than $100 on average or what goods and services from the business as an alternative.

Mid-Tier Influencers

Mid-tier influencers are the perfect median of high engagement and personal interactions with their followers. Small business can benefit from collaborating with mid-tier influencers because they can increase the social media marketing efforts of the business. These influencers typically charge more but can significantly increase the amount of exposure and have very high engagement rates. They are the perfect bridge between micro and macro influencers and a great option for small businesses willing to implement them into their budget.

Macro & Mega Influencers

Macro and Mega influencers are something that most small businesses tend to avoid because of the amount thy typically charge companies, but these can be a great investment for small business. With the right influencer, a small business can see a big return on their initial investment. Gaining new, consistent, loyal consumers based off and generating returns regularly will help a small business continue to grow and increase the awareness of the brand. This will allow more people to feel comfortable using a roduct of service because it is recognizable.

Which Influencer Type Is The Most Beneficial For Small Business?

Micro-Influencers tend to develop close relationships with their followers which give a personal feel. When consumer feel like they know the person promoting a product or service they are more likely to purchase what is being promoted. Witch the high engagement rate that micro influencers have small businesses will be able to reach a lot of people for less money and build at their own pace. Doing this will allow small businesses to build their own relationships with consumers slowly and grow from there.

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