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5 reasons why to utilize hashtags in your next post

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Want to learn about Hashtags? You have come to the right place. Hashtags are a label used on every social media site to make it easier to find content related to that topic. Think of it as a filing system for the internet. Most marketers utilize hashtags to reach their target audience more meaningfully. Hashtags can be generalized or very specific. The best practice is to experiment and be consistent with your social media usage. The more you use a particular hashtag, the greater your chances of growing an audience.

It is critical that you do your research and understand the meanings of each Hashtag before posting and checking your analytics. This will help you know what’s working or hurting your social media campaign. You don’t want to continue using a hashtag that no one is following.

Before posting your first Hashtag, be sure to check out the tool below to give you the most popular topics right now:

5 reasons why to utilize hashtags in your next post

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When used strategically, hashtags can benefit you by raising brand awareness and boosting your SEO. Try some of these tips and watch your social media likes grow:

  • Hashtags made it easier for consumers to find information more accessible. A unique hashtag is excellent for your brand, but your target market finds it valuable. 
  • Expand your brand reach – When a user sees a post they like, they will likely spend more time looking through content by your brand or hashtag.
  • Promote your brand or product with organic social media outreach 
  • Build a community for your brand 
  • There are five types of hashtags: location, branded, industry, community, and descriptions. By combining a few of these types, you will be a social media guru in no time. 

Popular Hashtag Campaigns to check out

#ShareACoke by Coca-Cola

#IceBucketChallenge by ALS Association

#MyCalvins by Calvin Klein

#DoUsAFlavour by Lays

#ShareYourEars by Disney

How much engagement did your new hashtag bring your campaign?

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