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What is the Best Content Marketing for Your Business?

Content marketing is an effective tool for every industry. Depending on your business, you may think content marketing will not be beneficial. The truth is, who may not know what type of content marketing is right for your business. 

In order to create an effective content marketing strategy, you need to truly understand who your audience is and how they communicate. For example, if your audience is primarily Gen Z, you may benefit from videos and images. Video marketing is effective on Millennials, and articles or blogs is most effective for Generation X. 

Content Marketing for the Retail Industry

Gift Guides

Gift guides can be an effective form of content marketing for the retail industry. If your business sells different varieties of products, some may be better as a gift for different people. During holidays, birthdays, or special occasions such as anniversaries and weddings, users will look online to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Marketing your products within these gift guides can help users find exactly what they’re looking for and increase sales.


Quizzes & Questionnaires

Similar to the idea of gift guides, quizzes and questionnaires can help your audience determine the best items for themselves or others. For clothing, questionnaires can include scenarios in which a person is looking for the perfect dress. Quizzes can help a user determine the best scent of a perfume they’re looking for. 

Not only will these help your audience, but the information provided can help you come up with new product ideas.

Product Video Content

Websites that feature videos are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google. Users love video content. For retail industries, you can feature videos that include how to style certain items you sell or design inspiration for home decor. 

Content Marketing for the General Service Industry

How-to’s & Tutorials

Google has updated their algorithm throughout the years to help users get answers to their questions as quickly as possible. By incorporating How To’s and tutorials into your content marketing strategy, your video or blog can be included in Google’s “Featured Snippets.” 

Be sure to not provide tutorials for all of your services, however, because you will still want to generate business. Answering simple questions, however, can help improve your rankings. 


Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing. For the service industry, business owners can utilize it to create a relationship with their audience. Personalized emails, welcome emails, and limited time offers can help your audience understand your business better. Lastly, email marketing can also be used by promoting testimonials and loyalty or benefit programs. 

Interviews with Industry Leaders

Audiences want to know that they can trust your service. By interviewing industry leaders, you can incorporate your own services into what they are saying to help gain loyalty from your audience. Industry leader interviews can also help provide a different type of perspective for audience members to help convince them that they need your services. 

Content Marketing for the Food Service Industry

Recipe’s & FAQ’s

The highest searched content on Google are recipes and food FAQs. Users are constantly looking for answers to their food questions, such as substitutes, proper temperatures, and recipes for food they already have in their homes. This is the best type of content marketing to use for all food industry businesses. 

Mentioned earlier, recipes and FAQs can also get your posts in Google’s Featured Snippets. Do some research into current Google searches and see what queries do not already have Featured Snippets. 



Images of food make an effective Instagram content marketing strategy. Within the captions, you can include background information on your recipes or the recipes themselves. Audiences will love seeing images of delicious foods and may follow your accounts to receive more recipes.

Video Marketing

Similar to recipes and FAQs, video marketing can be helpful within the food community. Companies like Buzzfeed’s Tasty have dedicated videos to their recipes and guides to show users how to prepare food and what it’s meant to look like. These videos can be reused and recycled on different platforms and can generate a lot of buzz on social media. 

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