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What’s 9 + 10?

If you said 21, you’re probably a millennial or part of gen-z. If you said 19… well… you are correct (and probably older)!

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This is just an example of how people think and live differently. This is extremely important to keep in mind when you start marketing on different social media platforms.

Marketing Platforms

There are a ton of social media platforms that are available to market on… A few of my favorites are:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

And that list can keep going and going and going…

Now, it may be easy to create one graphic or video and think your job is done. Add that video on to your content scheduling platform and put it out everywhere for the world to see. However, that’s a quick way to lose viewers attention and engagement.

Per my example above, everyones different, and has had different experiences. If a company were to share a post on Facebook regarding the old Vine video, and meme, “What’s 9 + 10?”, there wouldn’t be as much understanding as there would be on Instagram, or YouTube. Of course, this isn’t the case always, but different generations of people, as well as people with different lifestyles and choices, are not always on the same platforms.

So… What do I do?

Let’s say you’re trying to market a new soda company that you and your friends just created together. You think this is the best soda ever, and you want to bring your idea to life.

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You might think… “Why don’t we make videos of us drinking it and talking about it and post it everywhere” or “We can interview people and ask them about our new soda”. That all sounds great, and I am totally on board with both of those options, but you have to make sure you take the information you get and change it up based on where you’re posting it.

Younger people, such as children, teens, and young adults, like funny, short, and vertical videos shown on TikTok or Instagram. Older people prefer to read information on social media and would head more towards Facebook or Twitter. If you create one, vertical video and post it to all platforms, with more recent humor or popular trends, older generation might not quite understand it.

Yes, there are a few younger people who hate social media videos and older people who LOVE TikTok, but for the most part, you will find the most success by figuring out ways to market your product or service differently, on each platform.

If you do a sit down interview, at a nice round table, with a bunch of colleagues all trying your soda, here are some ways you can take that content and be versatile with it:

  • Take the best snips of the interview and post on Instagram or TikTok as a horizontal video. Vertical videos get boosted more than horizontal ones!
  • Create an informational post about your soda to post on Facebook or Twitter, and hyper link to your interview that you have posted on YouTube.
  • Take a screenshot from the interview to share on Pinterest, with a quick caption and hyperlink to your website, or your recorded interview.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways for you to get your content to the world, thanks to Social Media. You just have to make sure you use it wisely!

Want to test your knowledge?

Here is a quick test to see if you know where the best place to post content would be depending on the situation.

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