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World’s Worst Social Media Advice.

(Here’s what not to do. No really. Don’t)

So, you have all of these social media accounts for your business I hear. Therefore, you have no idea what to do with them. Well you’re in luck! I happen to have a few tricks up my sleeve that will put you right where you need to be. I’m telling you these tips are top notch! They will have your businesses social media pages BOOMING! So, lets get into it shall we? Don’t want to withhold you from the gold that is the informational keys to social media success!

  1. DON’T listen to those customers you’ve got trying to reach out to you.

So, customers are going to try to reach out to your through your social media pages. Eh. So, don’t respond to them. I’m sure they can get their questions answered on their own. Responding to them will only help build a better connection between them and the company. So, It will probably also make them feel a greater level of trust for the company as well, and who wants that? Just look at those comments and suggestions from your customers and keep it moving.

Pro tip: It may be a good idea to go ahead to take a look at those comments. Therefore, you wanna go ahead and respond to as many of them as you can too. Building a connection with your customers is a pretty big deal. They love to know that they are being heard and they are getting genuine responses from someone at the company. Therefore always be quick and prompt to responding so they don’t feel left out.

2. The more you publish, the better! BOMBARD THEM WITH INFO!

Because you need to post information, right? How else are they going to know what’s going on with the company? Give them as much information as you as you can as often as possible. Post, post, post! The worst that could happen is that people will get super confused and frustrated about information that doesn’t make sense to them. Or they will get super annoyed and unfollow the page all together. But hey, you’ve got other people following you right? No? They all left? Because you posted too much? Well that can’t be right!

Pro tip: It could be good to map out the important things that customers need to know. Then post that on social media. You also may want to look at how much you are putting in as content. Make its easy to read and to the point so that people will understand and not get confused. You can add a link more information if this is something they decide they want to dive deeper into.

3. Someone said something mean…..DELETE IT!

People can be so harsh these days. You don’t need all that negativity in your life or your business. So, if someone is posting how they are dissatisfied with your product or service, don’t entertain all of that. So, just ignore it and delete it. No one will ever know.

Pro tip: So, Responding to your negative comments helps the public see that you know how to handle those tough situations. Also, deleting them may make it seem like you have something to hide. Go ahead and see if you can try to turn that negative comment into a positive one by attempting to service that persons needs and giving great communication.

4. Just automate your posts and go take a nap.

Hey! Did you know you can create automated responses and posts on your social media pages? Well heck! Therefore, that means you can just set up your pages to say the same thing over and over again and the page can run itself! What a life saver!

Pro tip: Consequently automated responses and messages can me helpful and useful in some ways, it can also hurt a social media page as well. Therefore make sure that the content that is generated for you page is as organic as possible. So, this assures people that they are talking to an actual person and not just getting those automated responses.

5. Be a corporate as possible. I mean….this IS a business account.

What business do you know that actually shows that they have a personality? NO! This is a business and sure be treated as such. Therefore, be cold as possible when posted content and interacting with customers. Do show them you know how to smile. Treat every situation the same, don’t try to get to know your customers and don’t let them know that you are your own person. You are a business Point. Blank. Period.

Pro tip: So, showing emotion and personality in posts helps build a bigger connection with your customers. This can be through responses or marketing efforts. You want to show that there is a person behind the scene, not just mindless computers trying to make money. Even though that is always the bottom line, if you can build trust with the public and create loyal customers while making money, why not?

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