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Yelp Ads for Small Business Owners: Why We Love Them & Why you Should Too

Small business owners across the nation initially all have the same concern: Will my business make it? – Truth is, the success of the business lies within the business owner itself and the efforts made to keep up with the ongoing trends. With the advancement of technology and the constant evolving methods of digital media, it is crucial for business owners across the world to put their best foot forward with social media platforms. “How do I get my name out there?”, “How will people find out about my business?”, “What can I invest in that will bring me the largest ROI?” – Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to all these questions, and matter of fact is that what may work for one business owner, may not work for the other. So what is the best/right way to give your business a push? Look no further, Yelp Ads may come to the rescue.

An Introduction to Yelp: Why does Yelp Matter?

Technologies such as radio, television, and the internet have given companies new venues for self-promotion, but the age-old problem persists: If they invest in ads, how can they tell whether their ad dollars are really boosting sales (Idea Watch, 2017)? Marketers believe that a company like #Yelp can put the right ads in front of the right people who are ready to buy, and #SmallBusinessOwners partaking in these platforms & programs can measure these results. With the bittersweet taste that many small business owners have on Yelp, I think taking a step back and reevaluating the online platform can be an eye opening experience for many, especially those who do not know who the average Yelp user is and why they use the platform.

Your business is unique and you need marketing tools designed to match your goals; No problem, #YelpCanHelp. I’m sure many of you are thinking “What about contracts?” “How much is it going to charge me?” Well, news flash for all the close-minded business owners-advertising is evolving. Specifically, for Yelp, advertising on the platform continues to evolve to offer you more options and flexibility to suit your needs; yes, YOUR needs (Holloway, 2018). Business owners are able to select a price point that best fits their goals, meanwhile not having to worry about any form of contract, managing their campaign on a month-to-month basis. How does that sound for your #SmallBiz?

yelp adsYelp Can Help: When you want, Where you want, and How long you want.

What makes the Yelp audience so valuable is the fact that they have a strong intent to buy. A Nielsen study found that 82% of Yelp users are there because they intend to buy a product or service. With that in mind, if someone is searching on #Yelp in your city, for your type of business, you want them to know about you (Holloway, 2018).

Here are a few things you should know about advertising on Yelp as of 2018:

1. No-term Length (Whaaat?! #Winning)
2. Business Owners control their own Yelp Ads budget.
3. Customizable Ads (Select what image/review you want displayed alongside your Ad).

Not Familiar with Yelp? Factsheets & Consumer Infographic:

Check out these two links that can help #SmallBizOwners understand why the Yelp user matters, and how it can benefit them (#YelpCanHelp):


Study: 92% Of Consumers Using Yelp Make A Purchase After Visiting The Platform

It’s important to find a company who is willing to help you find a program that revolves around your goals. Yelp understands that businesses have different goals and different budgets depending on a variety of factors. Having complete flexibility and control over an advertising campaign can truly make or break a deal for many business owners, so it’s fantastic that #YelpCanHelp.

Want to See How #YelpCanHelp? Visit to Get Started Today:

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